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Posted by Michael from ( on miércoles, julio 02, 2003 at 21:36:49 :

In Reply to: point being missed posted by ZihuaRob from ( on miércoles, julio 02, 2003 at 20:08:37 :

Sadly I did not take a lot of time to write my first email and did not articulate well my intent. Nor did I expect all the responses. I was attempting to keep it short as I sought information. I greatly appreciate all the input from everyone, be it viewed as supportive or not.

Rob, you were able to articulate well in your response(s) what I wish I had been able to in my first email. It would never occur to me not to know the language of another country I wanted to live in. I would expect nothing less of myself than to respect the culture of the place I lived in. Without that, I could not have the passion for life and people that I have. As I (we) have visited places around Mexico and other "vacation spots" over the years, not once have we stayed in the tourist areas. We typically rent something in a local neighborhood. The reason is not about money, but rather we have always wanted to experience more fully the community we are in. It is an attempt to become part of the community in the short time we might have. For us, it has been beneficial. From each experience, we still have contact with "neighbors" we met while renting in their neighborhood. I actually become extremely embarrassed when I experience Americans lacking respect in places visited. Perhaps that is why Ixtapa, although beautiful, was a bit sad to me and would never fit what I am looking for. I am looking to experience another culture and add something to the community if I can. In no way am I looking take advantage and lack respect of others. If there is something I can do in a community that is needed, I simply want to explore it.

We live in Monterey/Carmel California, so know well that a tourist vacationing here versus living here would never have a true sense of life here. I have guided many visitors in our area to some nice local places so they can have a richer experience here, versus being riped off by the tourism. My point in my ramblings is that wherever I go, I need and desire to be a part of and give to a community and culture. I am a Hospice Director dealing with end of life issues and death everyday. It is a stressful job at times, but has taught me well, the importance of respect, value, and connecting with others wherever I am.

My thanks and appreciation to all who have responded. I will continue to gather the wisdom of others while pursuing my dreams.

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