Just returned from Troncones - thank god

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Posted by Josh from (adsl-159-192-35.sav.bellsouth.net) on miércoles, julio 02, 2003 at 22:14:21 :

I just got back from troncones on Sunday, Here it is Wed and I'm still sick. I made sure that I only drank bottled water or pepsi and regularly used antibiotic hand rub on my hands, yet somehow I still managed to catch "it". Now, for the trip, we stayed at El Burro Borracho. Lets just say you get what you pay for at this place. $30 a night and you get a two bed bungalow with an open roof and a toilet that barely flushes. The two brothers that run the place are decently nice (at times), but the place needs repairs, which they also managed to do construction work on every morning starting at 8am. I also spent every night trying to find a good place on the bed that wasn't leaking water on me from the roof from the nightly thunderstorms. They also screwed up my reservations! I reserved a room for 5 nights months ago and had it confirmed via email a few days before I left, yet somehow they managed to sell my room on the last night I was supposed to stay there. The guy came by around noon while I was sitting on the porch and asked me when I was leaving... I originally thought he was asking when I was leaving so that the maid could clean my room for me. However, a few people walked by after him and continued to stair into my open door while I brushed my teeth. They all congregated on the bungalow porch next to mine, so I asked them if they needed this room. They said yes, and I told them the story. To make the long story short, I paid up the guy and took off asap to The Tropic of Cancer. They had an upstairs room to rent with an A/C, king size bed, and no need for a mosquito net for only $50 a night. If you ever stay in troncones, stay there! The food at the restaurant there is good. I also recommend the Restaurant Lagaviota, located just next door. Try the red snapper.

Overall the trip was "ok". It was a nice way to see the "real" mexico, but it was a little more "real" than I wanted to get. The muddy, pot holed, dirt road sucks. The people kept trying to sell me cocaine & weed. And all in all its not that cheap anymore. If I had to plan a trip again, I'd just go to Kauai.

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