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Posted by cri-cri from (Dial2-RAS1-107.eot.com) on sábado, julio 05, 2003 at 14:13:24 :

I first found my favorite "Little Town" in the whole world over 50 years ago. Don't get there much anymore, but I check out ZihuaRob almost every day. I am proud to call Rob & Lupita my friends.
My first trip to Mexico was back in 1949 after I had finished Collage, thanks to the WW2 free schooling for vets. I got on a bus in Minneapolis and traveled with no stopovers to Mex. City. I took a 3 day tour to Acapulco and ran into a couple that had just returned ,by Bus, from Zihuatanejo . I found out all about the little fishing village of
Zihuatanejo. The couple had stayed at the Hotel Catalina, the only hotel on La Ropa.
With no chat-board to get my Info I had to find my own way to Z. the next year.
I got the Flecha Roja bus from Acapulco and had a rough Land Rover rid up to the Catalina Hotel. There was only one large house on La Ropa and it ws rented out to a novie g roup from France. A few days after I got there, the French actors started nude bathing, The school kids began skipping school and within days the mothers' protests drove the actors back to Acapulco.
The area from the creek ( now the canal) to the Madera area was one large banana grove.
There was one house on the hills above the Playa Madera. It was owned by a doctor from Mexico City.
After the first year I started staying at little hotels ( Belmar and Avila) in town to be closer to the people.
The beach in town was free of any shops or venders. The Belmar and Avila had hammocks along the beach and the people spent the evenings there, just walking and talking.
Once in a while I notice on the chat-boart people discovering the village of Z. and they wish it could be kept secret. I felt the same way over 50 years ago. I enjoy the many great trip reports and the enthusiasm of the young people after their FIRST visit to Zihuatanejo


'little town in the world

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