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Posted by Aloha from ( on martes, julio 08, 2003 at 14:13:05 :

In Reply to: Re: Relo in Zihua posted by ZihuaRob from ( on miércoles, julio 02, 2003 at 20:21:29 :

Thanks for respecting my opinion on the matter (as I do yours). Would’ve responded earlier, but celebrated our country’s freedom day ;) camping in the great outdoors.

Yes, I do know and are close to people whose parents left their native countries for the US. Their parents (or grandparents) left their native lands because of tyranny, social and economic poverty, and the list goes on. When their parents/grandparents “pledged” allegiance to the US, they still maintain and follow their own beliefs and traditions. When my friends were born, the same beliefs and traditions were passed on to them. Culturally, both generations have adopted the “American” way of life. Nevertheless, they still identify themselves base on their heritage. Do the same attitude hold true among the majority of Mexican people? I have been told by my Mexican-American friends here that gringos, ex-pat or not, will always be gringos to Mexicans. Therefore, "patriotism" is not the point I am trying to make here.

Yes, I agree that thousands of ex-pats living in many of parts of the world have embraced their host country, perhaps even more than their homeland. My point, however, is that I have met several ex-pats (all through Mexico, Europe and Latin America) who are so arrogant about their status and their ability to immerse in their host country/community. Whenever I inquired about how they managed to relocate and settle, the response was negativity about how "new gringos" are ruining everything, an answer that had nothing to do with my questions in the first place. A serious disappointment and learning experience. Therefore, if anybody on this board asks about relocating to Zihua or Mexico, my opinion is to be supportive. If they turn out to be good and responsible human beings, then Mexico and the ex-pat community will benefit. If they end up exploiting their host country and embarrassing the ex-pat community, then they will soon find themselves alone and going home having lost all their savings and dignity. I understand that we live in a world where color, race, cultural differences and belief systems divide, rather than unite, our human race. So, why divide us more with arrogance and prejudice?

Allow me to point out one more thing. The big issue is the exploitation of multinational corporations of the land and its people for profits. The commerce of the tourism industry is the by-product of these multinationals’ exploits. The rich gets richer and poor gets poorer. The emergence of condo whores, timeshare crooks and unfair government/politician policies and practices become inevitable. Sadly, this trickles down to the very fabric of the host country’s culture, belief system and socioeconomic structure. It is about the business of making money.

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