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Posted by Bob from (cache-dk03.proxy.aol.com) on miércoles, julio 09, 2003 at 23:47:19 :

Had a horrile experience with budget. Bottom line is pick Hertz or Alamo, the only other rentals at the airport. They did not have our car when we arrived because the folks who had "our car" had not yet returned it. we got our car the NEXT day. all went okay after that until we went to return it at the airport. We had to get the police involved because the agent insisted we pay for the insurance when I clearly initialed declining it on the written rental agreement. He said that it didn't matter that we declined it (in writing) and then loaded the tab on top of it. We all speak and read fluently in Spanish which didn't make any difference. The police said it was the second time that day that this had happened but he could not intervene in a civil matter, although he tried to convince the agent he was blatantly ripping us off. The agent had already filled in the total charge on the credit card bill that they make you sign in blank when you first rent the car, so there was nothing we could do short of going behind the counter and taking the card charge back. This ordeal lasted over one hour. Our flight was leaving so we did not ever get satisfaction until today. I called Budget from the US and they apologized but said they would have to turn it over their international guy and he would call the agency and get the facts from them which is like asking the fox about the missing chickens. All this only amounted to about $140 but right is right and wrong is wrong. You would never expect this from Budget. I called the credit card company and they instantly handled it. Bottom line is use HERTZ or ALAMO unless you want to deal with a liar and a cheat at the BUDGET agency.

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