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Posted by Lee--WA from ( on viernes, julio 11, 2003 at 19:47:23 :

Last nite people at one room of the hotel next to us talked from about 9 PM to about 2:30 AM. They were about 20 yards from this room, no obstructions. It was all women at first, then about 1 AM some men joined. There was one principle talker, a real power talker who never seemed to run out of things to say, much less take a breath. It was a very waarm nite so windows had to be open and people had to be on their deck. A formidable talker.
Breakfast at Bananas. !st time there. Eggs sunny side up (on the menu) done to perfection with whites hard and yolks runny, fruit plate, pan. When compared with our north of the border chicken, these eggs were from a chicken that had been chased by a rooster. Farmers will know what I mean. My best breakfast yet.
Finally found the shop that sells ollas. Got one, as requested by an amiga, for the stunning sum of 35 pesos--holds 1 kilo. Now if I can just get it to Sea-Tac in one piece, which I did.
Have not yet yet seen a thermometer. Calor and humidad way up there.

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