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Posted by Lee--WA from ( on lunes, julio 14, 2003 at 13:02:43 :

I finally got my maid to look directly at me, and let me get a couple of photos--took a week. Also got a shot of the day clerk of the hotel. Both quite good looking, Gloria and Marta. Have had many conversations with Marta, each with our own dictionary. Also met Marta's husband, works in an Ixtapa hotel. Make a nice couple.
Sunday nite at the bb court was pretty much a dud. Late start--had to put up stuff for boxing training, skate boarding, and volley ball. It started off with a gal singing a half step sharp (not flat) for a whole song, which could have been induced by really huge speakers--big enough to put a body or 2 in. Then there was a belly dancer/hula dancer, who I thought was pretty good. Then there were the skate boarders, from beginners to advanced, with background music I don't think any of the locals understood, and that is very probably a good thing because every 3-4 words the word was ***k. The very 1st time I've been forced to listen to rap "music." Then there was supposed to have been a girls volleyball game Don't know if the other team got tired of waiting, or if the whold team did not show up. Instead there were vb drills. The local team had two tiny girls on it, like maybe 4 feet tall--little cuties. One of them had a spike jump of something over 5 feet, an inch or 2. had good running style and form. Really wanted to watch a vb game played on concrete.

Monday: Did very little

Tuesday: Back to Seattle

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