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Posted by Port Orchard Kev from ( on lunes, julio 21, 2003 at 10:50:59 :

We got back last Tuesday from 12 days in paradise and just thought I'd drop a short note of praise and a tidbit of information. We spent our first 2 days in Troncones and I would encourage anyone going to this area to do the same. Unless your a surfer, there is really nothing much to do except enjoy one of the most beautiful Mexican beaches I've ever seen, and that is saying a lot! You are forced to relax and decompress-the perfect beginning to a Mexico vacation. Be aware, it's $45 US from the airport in a taxi. We had timeshare at Pacifica, which is a nice place to crash. Best ocean views in town, I'll add. We spent very little time there, opting for time on the beach and in Zihua, where we spent our last 3 days. We have traveled all over Mexico and this is now one of our favorite destinations. A bit of advise- Ixtapa/Zihua, more than anywhere I've ever traveled, has a reluctance to widely accept credit cards. Speaking with some of the locals it may be a tax issue. In any case, we took very little cash, some traveler's checks and our credit cards, like all of the travel security people suggest. I also traveled on my birth certificate and driver's liscence, my wife on her Canadian Green Card (which takes much toil and your first born child to get and is generaly considered superior to a passport when traveling). When faced with the meager pickings for using our credit card, we decided that we better cash some travelers checks and/or possibly get a cash advance on our card. WITHOUT A PASSPORT, ONLY A PAASPORT, YOU ARE UNABLE TO CASH TRAVELER'S CHECKS OR DO A CASH ADVANCE ON A CREDIT CARD AT A BANK! As far as I know, this is a new policy, as I have never run into that problem before. We tried 3 different banks, all gave us the same story. We readily cashed traveler's checks in town at cambios and in the merchants, but at a lesser exchange. Our timeshare gave us an advance on our card, for an additional fee. Everything worked out, but it was a concern for a short time and amde things slightly more costly. Just thought others should be aware of this. Thanx for keeping this board, Rob. It was a great help in planning. Now, back to reality. Bummer!

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