Trip Report - Day 2

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Posted by KATHIE from ( on jueves, septiembre 18, 2003 at 11:58:12 :

Tuesday, 9/2/03

Last night I fell asleep to the sound of Ron chasing a Gecko around. Ron seems to have developed some sort of fixation with bugs and creatures (geckos and bats to name a few), and since we were invaded by several (as in more than two or three) Geckos last night, the fixation has increased tenfold. Not to mention the fact that the waitress at Dona Prudencia really looked upset when Ron killed a bee with the menu this morning. I felt responsible because she collected the menus after we ordered, but I asked if I could keep mine to fan myself every now and then, and she agreed. The bees were literally attacking the couple next to us, and Ron watched intently, because if a bee came anywhere near our table, it didnít have a chance. He watched, and watched, and watched. He wasnít listening to me while I talked to him. I never thought a bee would be such competition, a girl walking by in a bikini, maybe, but a BEE?

Ron continued the bug onslaught when we returned to our villa and a couple of spiders met their doom. I know, some of you are probably flinching, and saying to yourself, Bug Hater. I had those same thoughts and voiced them, but Ron was on a mission. Maybe the flies on the plane set him off, I canít really tell ya (but I bet Murphy can).

Anyway, moving on. Want to see a shy cab driver? Stick a camera in his face. Just be patient when he tries to hide his face. One of his fellow cabbies will pull his arms down for you and allow you to Ďgetí him. But Ďgetí the one whoís helping you instead. Itís more fun when the joke is on him.

Luis Valle, who owns Villas San Sebastian (wonderful place), suggested we eat at Amadoís when we told him we were going to Las Gatas beach today. Murphy swung at me again when Ron and I got to the pier. Call me what you want, but I have a big problem with a boat if itís dipping two feet down, two feet to the side, then two feet up, while Iím trying to get into it. I let everyone else get on the boat before me. I watched as each person timed their step onto the boat between the extreme dips. Then it was my turn. All eyes were on me. I shook my head no as Murphy came at me, gloved fists poised above his face. Somehow I managed to duck Murphyís jab when Ron and another passenger both held out their hands, then grabbed me and pulled me into the boat right before the next two foot dip. After I sat down I noticed smiles on a couple of faces. Ron knew better than to smile at that point. We made it across the bay, and Ron and the other kind gentleman again helped me to get off the boat before the dip thing freaked me out.

Amado went out of his way to treat us like royalty. One of his waiters, George, was fantastic. He gave us excellent service. I highly recommend it. But Amadoís is at the other end of the beach, away from where you get off the boat. And all the restaurants in between have waiters that come up to you and try to coax you into their place. But just say, ĎNo graciasí, and keep walking to the end, to Amadoís. You wonít regret it. We spent several hours there, and didnít have to worry about our belongings when we swam. We had lobster, shrimp, fish tacos, beer, margaritas, a shot of Tequila, and a pina colada in a huge pineapple. The cost was 650 pesos.

I had a relaxing hour long massage nearby for only $15 US. It was funny though because while I was on my stomach and had my face sticking through the hole in the table, I was looking down and movement caught my eye. Bugs that looked like ants, but much smaller than ants, were crawling around in the sand. The girl that was giving me the massage kept stomping her feet and I saw why. The ant-like creatures were crawling on her feet. I passed up an incredible urge to tell Ron about them.

The water at Las Gatas is blue, warm, and very nice, but the sand is somewhat rocky underneath in some spots. If you swim out, it doesnít matter, just be careful walking on it. But we had a wonderful day at Las Gatas beach. I kept Murphy at bay until we ventured back onto the boat going back. I again had to deal with the two foot dip thing, but this time only Ron was there to grab me, and he did. I was tense the entire ride back. The panga or whatever you call it was way too small for the choppy water. We dipped and swayed through huge swells. I couldnít look toward the front of the boat anymore. I know I left my hand print on the side of the boat that I was holding onto. Ron kept asking me to look at this and ooooh honey look at that. All I wanted to see was the shore. This time Ron and two kids helped me out of the boat, and the kids wanted a tip for it! Murphy was moving closer to me, a little too close for my comfort.

Ron attacked a spider and some ants at the pool when we got back to San Sebastian. Glad I didnít tell him about the sand ants. Iím beginning to develop empathy for the insect world.

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