Trip Report - Day 3

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Posted by KATHIE from ( on viernes, septiembre 19, 2003 at 11:33:56 :

Wednesday, 9/3/03

I saw the stars last night and cheered. Itís been overcast the past two days. In fact yesterday we saw the evening rain approach us. It began past the bay out there in the open sea. It swept around towards Las Gatas, then we could hear the rain, finally it hit us. It was one of the most interesting sights Iíve ever seen. It was so kool to watch the rain slowly come towards us.

But I knew today was going to be beautiful, and the day didnít let me down. And it was HOT. We ventured out onto La Ropa beach and Ron had the bright idea to walk into town from there. That was before he realized we had to hike up killer hill. I knew I could get up the hill, but what I didnít know was that I would be sweating (from killer hill hike) for the next couple of hours. I brought new meaning to the concept of sweating. I developed a new art form on my shirt, that didnít go away. Ron graciously flagged down a cab because it was really too hot to walk, and we rode the rest of the way. I was sweating profusely and Ron was embarrassed for me. When we got into town, he told me to go and buy myself a tee shirt or something and take my sweaty shirt off. I said, no. Sweat is part of the Zih experience, right (and YOU wanted to walk up that hill). We walked around and bought souvenirs (I was still sweating). One shop owner suggested I buy myself a fan. I took him up on his offer, it didnít help. We ate lunch at Tamales Y Otoles Any. Price was right (huge tamales are only 10 pesos each), service was good, cervesas were cold. I continued to sweat. Ron continued to stare at me. I think Murphy was staring too.

Finally we went back to VSS, showered and changed, and this time I had the bright idea. Since the sun is still shining, not many clouds, letís go to Villa de la Selva in Ixtapa for dinner. We may have a chance to see a sunset. Ron reminded me that the rain moved in during the evening hours, sunshine or no sunshine. I told him maybe it would move in later today, I mean, it was such a beautiful day. We hailed a taxi and were happily on our merry way. When we got to Villa de la Selva, they were CLOSED. Hit below the belt by Murphy. It was 6:15 p.m., dinner time for most folks, but they were closed. As Murphy had it, this taxi driver didnít speak English very well, and we didnít speak Spanish at all. Then the rain started. We tried to tell the taxi driver to take us to another restaurant of the same caliber. He finally said El Faro, and I remembered that name mentioned on this board, so I said okay. From the outside, El Faro was misleading. It didnít look like much so we decided to walk along the pier instead of going inside, and we stopped and had drinks at Beccofino, because Ron wanted to get out of the rain. They were kool enough to give us two for one drink prices. One of the waiters pointed out the resident alligator/crocodile, that floated along side the boats a little ways, then disappeared. That was another amazing sight. The waiter told us that Villa de la Selva was closed on Wednesdays. I heard Murphy snicker in the background.

The rain stopped right before we left Beccofino, and we ventured back to El Faro and decided to go on up, since we were there. INCREDIBLE VIEW. 360 degree views of the ocean or mountains, depending on what side you choose to sit on. They also have a live entertainment piano bar, but we left before that. We were the only ones there! Thatís the down side of the off season. Itís great for strolling the beaches, but if you want to go out to a clubÖwell anyway, who cares when you're on vacation, right?

Canít wait for tomorrow. I owe Murphy a couple of left hooksÖ

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