Trip Report - Day 4

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Posted by KATHIE from ( on sábado, septiembre 20, 2003 at 22:54:55 :

Thursday 9/4/03

Last night the surf was extremely rough. At least it seemed to be. I mean when I can see huge waves crashing from three blocks away in the dark, that has to be rough, right? You could hear the thunderous waves hit, and see the water splash up above the trees. I have the utmost respect for the ocean, and I’m going to tell ya, I will not be swimming at night!

This morning I thought I was going to explode. There are only so many tortillas you can eat without letting go of it (trying to be nice here and not gross anyone out). I had the opposite of the Revenge. What do you call that? Invenge? Can’t get it out venge. How about Lord help me out here venge. So I gave Murphy that left hook I owed him, and it finally happened for me. Now I’m back on track and all is well. Well sort of. How many of you have ever been attacked by Zih mosquitoes? I looked on my back to see if Murphy had stuck a ‘Bite Me’ sign on me.

But today is just another beautiful day in paradise. Trying to talk Ron into taking the bus trip to Barra de Potosi. Laura’s husband Noyo is one of Luis Valle’s cousins. Their families are part of the ‘old families’ of Zih. (If you go to Amado’s, ask him to show you an old picture of him and Luis from way back in the 60’s). Seems like Ron’s adventurous spirit has dearly departed. Maybe I should tell him there are lots of bugs and geckos there…hmmmm…

Well Ron and I compromised while sitting on a hot bus stop. A taxi driver named Juan Cab #17, stopped and convinced Ron to first take us downtown to the Micro bus, and then he convinced Ron to take us to Barra de Potosi, and then convinced Ron to come back and pick us up at 5:00 p.m., for 300 pesos. I would have settled for a one way trip in the cab, and the return trip on the buses, but it turned out that Juan spoke perfect English, and he was so kool. He had a gadget in his car that made a funny, high pitched, wup wup beeping horn type sound. He made that sound every time he passed a pretty girl, and he and Ron (who was sitting up front with Juan) would look. The girl would turn around when she heard the horn and look at the car like, ‘what the hell?’. It was hilarious. Juan was right there to pick us up at 5:00 just like he said. He also pointed out spots of interest and stopped at the Commercial Mexicana on the way back, with no extra charge.

Ron and I finally met Dona Laura, which was an adventure in itself, considering I forgot the name of her bed and breakfast, and didn’t know her last name. When we got to Barra de Potosi we had no idea of where to go, and Ron began to get irritated. I thought to myself that everyone must know her because it was such a small town. I tried to ask people in English if they knew Laura. Then finally I asked Juan to ask some of the people in Spanish if they knew Laura. He tried to pronounce her name exactly like I said it. Apparently I wasn’t pronouncing her name properly, with the Spanish accent. Laura said they probably thought I was asking about a fish. You heard of ‘A Fish Called Wanda’, right? Well down there it could be ‘A Fish Called Laura’. So if you go to Barra de Potosi looking for Laura, please do not ask the locals for Laura, ask them for Dona La-au-ra. Three syllables, not two.

Her bed and breakfast, Casa del Encanto B & B (I know that name now), is beautiful. It’s authentically decorated, with nets over the beds, which to me are both pretty and romantic. Each room is painted differently and uniquely decorated, and makes its own statement. She has wonderful trees, plants, flowers, and herbs growing. Lots of shade and cool breezes, so there is no need for air conditioning, and she’s only a couple of blocks from the beach. Her place is geared toward total rest and relaxation, and I highly recommend it.

She is very hospitable, and doing wonderful work in her neighborhood, especially for the kids. When we got there she and some of the neighborhood kids were working on the library building. She graciously gave us a tour of the empty building, and described what the future layout of the library would be. One area for reading, another area for classes, then another area for a computer lab. I could almost picture the finished interior because of Laura’s passion for the project. I could tell that the kids love her by the way they smiled at her and were willing participants to work hard, even in the heat.

As we walked through the streets, Laura spoke to some neighborhood kids in English, and they repeated exactly what she said. Dona La-au-ra said that’s their way of learning English. It really impressed me to see such a dedicated woman. It touched Ron’s heart too because we both love kids.

Laura suggested we go to La Condesa for lunch. We had broiled fish, which was fantastic. Cost was 150 pesos for two. The only thing was there were dozens of flies that seemed to be hungrier than we were. We had to constantly wave them away from the food as we ate. I guess you know that almost drove Ron nuts. It was really a pleasure to finally finish our lunch. I had to take the dishes off the table before the waiter had a chance to, or else Ron would have had a fly swatting party.

We were able to relax the entire afternoon until Juan came back to pick us up. Ron and I walked the quiet beach, and I swung in a hammock with the ocean as my backdrop. I thought it was hilarious when a young guy drove his boat out of the water, right up on to the beach. Ron was amused as a bird chased a crab around on the sand, then caught and devoured it. He was also amused by the birds that dived into the water for their fish food. He was later amused by Juan and the pretty girls.

We finally met our neighbors. We’ve had the place to ourselves up to this point. Hi Peggy!!

My legs have so many mosquito bites now. Especially my right leg. That’s okay Murphy, because a few (actually a lot) of itchy bumps won’t win you the title. The flies at lunchtime did not allow you to win this round either. Now take this right jab to the stomach!

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