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Posted by KATHIE from ( on martes, septiembre 23, 2003 at 11:40:45 :

Saturday 9/6/03

Last night, dinner at Kau Kan was fantastic. Food was really good, service impeccable, and we met some nice people. Funny that everyone I met from the states were from the San Fernando Valley, like me. An appetizer, two entrees, four glasses of wine was 890 pesos. I had the giant shrimp, Ron had Mahi Mahi. Fantastic! We had an unobstructed view of the sun setting, plus a fabulous view of Zih bay (sounds like Ebay). After the sun set the waiters lighted candles all around us, it was very romantic and beautiful. Plus, Kau Kan had the nicest bathroom that I had been in. Iím not a bathroom freak, but to tell you the truth, I tried to use the public bathrooms as little as possible. Its part of that fragrant thing. But Kau Kanís bathroom is so nice. The little trash cans even have lids!! The wash basins are tile and stone, beautiful. It was a pleasant experience for me (it really doesnít take much).

Ron was watching for bugs, and later found some black gnats that were attracted to the candle on our table. He smashed them with his napkin. Good thing he was done with his dinner. I remember reading a trip report of a guy who stayed in a bungalow that had a lot of bugs. Spiders, geckos, giant moths, you name it and he had it. I am sooooo glad Ron and I didnít stay there. Ron would have gone bug crazy. Heíd be locked up right now, strapped to a bed.

We debated on whether to go next door to Puesta del Sol or to Ixtapa for the evening, and decided on Ixtapa. We went back to El Faro, but after about 15 minutes my stomach did some crazy dance, and we had to return to our villa (bummer). Not only did my stomach bother me, I itched like mad after receiving even more bites. The polka dots on my feet have blended into one color, red.

Right now I am at about 30,000 feet on the last leg of my trip. I wonít do this day justice if I donít mention the clouds. These giant fluffy cotton balls in the sky are incredible to look at. The sky is spotted with millions of giant puffs. Some clouds look like whip cream that has been spread across the sky. Then of course there are the ominous atomic bomb explosion looking clouds. I saw one giant cloud that looked as if it exploded somewhere inside and expanded outward into white fluff. If I were an angel, I would play in the clouds all day long. I would hop from puff to puff, and I would fly through the big ones and let the dew spray through my hair. I would come out smelling fresh and so clean, clean.

When we arrived at Zih International Airport this morning, I went back outside to take a picture of the side of the building that had the name of the airport on it. Some taxi drivers thought that was interesting.

Inside, as we waited for our flight, our plane came in with a load of passengers. I walked over to the window and watched as they deplaned. The first person off the plane was a man in his early twenties, his lady right behind him. I saw an elderly couple slowly descending the stairs. They were holding on to each other so tightly you wondered who was assisting who. The line sped up after the couple got to the bottom, but then slowed back down to a crawl as a woman went down the stairs sideways, one step at a time. The woman right behind her seemed to press up against the woman to hurry her along. I thought, maybe if you would offer to take her bag, the process would go a lot faster. Everyone were off and gone in a matter of a few minutes.

Unlike us, no one stopped to take pictures. When Ron and I first arrived in Zih we took pictures by the plane. Another couple saw what we were doing and thought it was a good idea. They took a picture of us with our camera and we did the same for them. After several pictures, I looked up, we were the only passengers left out there, and the airport workers were staring. Now I see why. There were probably another load of passengers waiting for us to get out of the way so they could board!

I wondered if the passengers on the flight that just came in felt the same excitement I felt as I walked down the stairs and stepped foot on Zih soil for the first time. I bet they did, or at least half of them did, as their vacation was just beginning. And fighting back a tear, I thought, you lucky amigos!

You may wonder what happened to Murphy. Oh, he finally threw in the towel when he discovered that his jabs to my face could not remove the smile; that his upper cuts to my body could not knock out the excitement; and when he hit me below the belt, I doubled over with desire. Zihuatanejo was well worth the fight, and I kind of like being the called the champ. Happy vacationing to all!!

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