Had A Wonderful Honeymoon in Zihua!

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Posted by Colleen in Colorado from (host-58-010.ionsky.com) on miércoles, septiembre 24, 2003 at 12:25:00 :

Just got back from 11 honeymoon days in Zihua and Ixtapa! It is hard to get back into the grove of real life and work. I just wanted to thank everyone on the board who offered suggestions for places to stay and eat – it was nice to have some familiarity with names once we got there (it is a little overwhelming with so many different restaurants).

Just a quick synopsis of our trip, we arrived Sept 9th, and stayed at the Bungalows Ley on Playa Medera. This being the off-season we had a whole floor to ourselves – we couldn’t ask for a better time to have that much privacy ;-) Carlos, one of the people who ran the place was very nice and always helpful in our quest for food and cerveza. The evening we arrived, not much was open, so we headed to Bistro Del Mar for a few cool drinks – awesome chips, guac and salsa. Needless to say my love of such foods would begin to wane after about 5 days straight of being served chips and salsa for breakfast, lunch and dinner! But now that I’ve been back a few days (and gotten a fair helping of Chinese) I would be more than happy to see those delicious yellow corn chips again… Anyway I digress. The first night there was a spectacular thunderstorm! Coming off the boat from Colorado, we were thrilled to see the rain and enjoyed our cold ones from the comforts of our grande new abode.
Day one was spent exploring Zihua and relaxing at the beach. My new husband has never really traveled out of the country, so it was fun to watch him discovered life outside the U.S. (He really got into the market bargaining thing!) We found a great shop on Juarez that sold really good coffee beans. (My husband is a coffee addict and a chef, so these two pursuits were a constant on our trip.)
Day two was spent on Playa La Ropa, parasailing, jet skiing and a late lunch at Rossy’s.
Day three started off with snorkeling at Playa Manzanillo, and a quick trip to Las Gatas. (The next week we went to Isla Ixtapa – somewhat similar to Las Gatas – I think I liked Las Gatas better, the beach was nicer, as with the people working at the restaurants).
We got back to La Ropa and ran into a few of the beach vendors we met the day before. During the off season, NO ONE is on the beach, and you tend to make friends with the locals quick, never a wait for anything, a table, a massage, a cerveza, a jet ski, whatever you want to do, you are first in line. At first I was a little disappointed that no one else was around, some of the restaurants weren’t open, and the ones that were, were often out of half the food on the menu, it felt like we were in a ghost town. Well, all of that changed on day four. Welcome to the Mexican Independence Day 4 day weekend! At this same time we switched hotels. We moved over to Ixtapa and had a week at the Pacifica (a wedding present). For many reasons we felt we had landed in Oz, a huge influx of people into the area (no longer room on the beach!), a new (expensive and cancun-ish) town, a posh resort, almost no other tourista gringos to be seen for miles – No Toto, we are not in Zihua anymore!
The week at Pacifica was not as eventful as our stay in Zihua was – spent mostly reading on the beach, searching for good restaurants and cheap beer! And luckily, the beach thinned out by that Wednesday, but still not as thin as our stay at Medera. Our favorite places to eat were La Sirena Gorda, Panadería el Buen Gusto, El Faro and Los Bigotes de Zapata (excellent mole). The next trip we plan to stay in Zihua the whole time!!

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