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Posted by ZihuaRob from ( on jueves, septiembre 25, 2003 at 11:48:35 :

The Good: Our mayor has finally planted himself firmly on the side of the community in defending Zihuatanejo's bay, and declared that he will not trade away our precious bay to private interests in exchange for the state and federal governments releasing of moneys already promised but being mysteriously withheld by them that are destined for various critical social and civic projects. Give the man a white hat! ;~)

The Bad: I often take a lot of criticism for not encouraging foreigners who want to move here, but although I am a foreigner myself, you might say I have "gone native" and crossed over to the other side. One of the reasons I don't encourage foreigners to move here is that many show a complete ignorance and lack of respect for local sentiment. Previously I mentioned the ecocide that occurred at Playa Pantla where mangroves were destroyed and waterways blocked for the construction of homes of affluent foreigners and Mexicans from the other side of the Sierra, and when I spoke to one of the American developers about the matter he simply commented "I don't know what they're complaining about, we paid the damn fine!"

Well, once again some "dancers" from north of our border are committing ecocide to build their vacation home and guest bungalows in Troncones. They are destroying an area of mangroves and a small freshwater lagoon. They were halted once by the authorities, but once the heat died down and nobody was looking they began their construction again at an ever faster pace. I won't be making any website for them or assisting to promote their lodging, you can bet on that! Give those "dancers" a black hat!

The Ugly: It is simply amazing how someone could move here, build a resort hotel, make beaucoup money, then insult our local people by insisting on trashing our local ecology. This is evidenced not only by Puerto Mio's insistence on building a pier for cruise ships that would essentially privatize a large portion of our bay, but also by Casa Que Canta's attempt to destroy a beloved natural pool on Playa La Ropa and their removal of several shade trees in their attempt to chase away from the view of their "distinguished and privileged clients" our less-than-affluent locals who frequent that part of the beach. To those ungrateful and egocentric entrepreneurs give a black hat and a "moon". --> (_|_)


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