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Posted by ZihuaRob from ( on viernes, septiembre 26, 2003 at 10:13:08 :

In Reply to: Re: local economics... in plain language posted by Gringo Frio from ( on viernes, septiembre 26, 2003 at 01:25:57 :

You made a good point about the smaller ships. We usually get several each year, and they actually do seem to carry passengers who spend some money without batting an eye over price haggling. Most of the ships that visit our bay are the monster size, though, and their passengers are more economical and money conscience.

The current system where they anchor out in the middle of our bay, and a few just outside of it (especially when two hit our bay the same day), and ferry their passengers ashore works just fine for us, though I'm sure there are passengers who complain that it cuts down on their shore time by several precious minutes.

Regarding the new highway, we have seen many positive benefits. Previously we received mainly tourists from Mexico City. Large metrocity dwellers don't always have the sweetest dispositions, if you know what I mean, and in general they displayed a tendency to leave behind LOTS of garbage on our beaches and streets. However, the visitors who arrive via the new highway are showing better manners and attitudes in general. Almost every weekend we receive enough visitors from el Bajío region that it is noticeably helping to prop up our economy during the slow season especially, for which we are very thankful. And that road DOES go in both directions, so now we also take our business to Pátzcuaro and Morelia and surrounding communities, and even a trip to Guanajuato and Querétaro and the surrounding region is not the arduous multi-day travel that it was previously. Many new stores are springing up selling goods from that region and their products are less expensive than prior to the highway's opening.

And wouldn't ya know, the ship "The World" (a floating time-share and cruise liner) arrived today for an unusually long two-day stay. The poor folks have no idea what they just sailed into the middle of. ;~)

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