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Posted by Jeff & Cheryl from (cache-ntc-ad07.proxy.aol.com) on martes, septiembre 30, 2003 at 21:52:36 :

I have been reading assorted messages on this board and felt it necessary to respond. First of all, Gayle's "Newcomer" statement contains truths. Make an attempt to speak the tongue and rest assured you will be greeted more warmly, even when you make mistakes. Minimal clothing is all you need but the humidity factor isn't nearly as great as the Yucatan or the Carribean. I would suggest that at least one pair of light weight trousers or slacks with a nice shirt is in order for a dinner at the marina, other establishments,or my choice the Kau Kan restaurant.

As for fishing, catch and release is the only responsible approach to fishing for the "bill" fish and other species such as grouper, snapper or dorado should be kept in minimal quantities with the crew filleting enough for your group of people and the rest going to the crew's family.

One other suggestion for first time travelers is to book a room at an established hotel, NON-INCLUSIVE, so you can have the experience of eating and drinking wherever you like and have the freedom to explore all of the local areas to discover just what it is that attracts you to that locat1on.

If you want "hot & cold running bellhops" and are content to sit by the pool without experiencing interaction with the native and/or local peoples, then stay in Ixtapa or travel to Cancun, Jamaica, PV, Acapulco and many other destinations that will cater to your needs.

On our first visit to Zihua, we negotiated a deal with a cab driver who took us to Petatlan and Barra De Potosi, via the brick makers home, and we enjoyed a wonderful day in the country. Fresh cheese with warm tortillas and apples for brunch (about 30 pesos) and some shrimp, fish and beers at a restaurant on the beach in Potosi for late lunch (maybe 200 pesos) The taxi fare totaled $80.00 US dollars for 6 hours - a small price to pay by any measure.

To Rob. best of fortune with your neighbor!!

Jeff & Cheryl

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