School supplies -much needed yes!

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Posted by Laura from ( on viernes, octubre 03, 2003 at 16:33:48 :

In Reply to: School supplies posted by Gordon from (?) on martes, septiembre 30, 2003 at 17:16:29 :

Thank you for thinking of our local schools! I can say that for sure the schools in La Barra (and probably all the local schools) can use such things as file folders and dry board markers. Basically they can use just about anything you can imagine. Our schools are operating on such a shortage of funds that most visitors are amazed at the dedication and ingenuity of the teachers to be managing as well as they they do under such conditions.

In La Barra through the Children's Library Project (part of Niños Encantados A.C. our very own local private non-profit org for the benefit of the children of La Barra) we work with all our schools - kindergarden, primary and secondary- collecting the generous and thoughtful donations of our visitors and distributing them, connecting volunteers with teh teachers , organizing interchanges and workshops and other such activities. We would be happy to receive donations of any kind of supplies. We can get them to the teachers who need any particular thing and to the children in our giveaways.

We also have our Children's Library itself in the heart of the village in our very own new locat1on! More about this later- We are excited to be in the beginning of the remodeling and invite lots of help to get the library working again soon in it's new house.. (needs everything starting with a new roof!) with our many wonderful books, art supplies and the fantastic workshops we are able to organize with our tourist visitors

In the meantime, we continue to collect general supplies for our 'school supply giveaway's to all the children of La Barra of packets of school supplies.

WE ARE IN NEED OF SUPPLIES! Maybe because of my illness (Back surgery and I've been a little immobilized) and thus not being able to be as present here in the message board letting people know about our project. For the last several years we have had our giveaways about 5 or 6 times a years with enough supplies because of the generosity of our visitors such as yourself to give a healthy packet to each of our 95 children. But this year we are running low and in fact we have not been able to have a giveaway so far this school year. We heartily invite any who would like to help our in this way to bring their donations of notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, pencil sharpeners, puzzles and other educational games, plain paper, art supplies etc...

We also invite donations of other things such as medical supplies (for our fledgling health clinic)... for example once someone brought infant clothing and supplies and we were able to make packets for all the newborns in the village.

Many thanks for your consideration and thoughts for our children and their education.

YOu ca contact me directly at my email address for more information of you should decide you would like to send your donations to us. There are also several other very excellent projects in the Zihua area and this message board has all the information... one of the great things about the Internet and Rob's service through this board.
Hasta pronto,

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