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Posted by Linda Fox from ( on viernes, octubre 03, 2003 at 21:55:14 :

In Reply to: Driving from Laredo posted by Becky from ( on miércoles, octubre 01, 2003 at 13:35:12 :

I do this trip about three times a year and no one has quite answered your orignial questions--so--when you come to San Luis you reach a Y and the sign =2clicks out says libre or cuota--nothing about 57. If you want to continue on--take cuota--$90 pesos and you come back on 57 going South. When you get to Queretero--take care--stay on 57 thru town (nice divided highway) until you pass the Holiday Inn on your left about 5 k's. As soon as you enter town, you'll see signs for Celaya over to your right. NO SIGNS FOR MORELIA!! Don't get over until you pass Holiday Inn and then get on feeder road and nudge yourself to right hand lane. Still more signs say Celaya but you come up on one that says Celaya cuota--immediate right and you're on the highway. Get off at Salamanca exit--make a hard right--go I think 5 blocks and stay in right lane and you'll see sign to Morelia. Go right thru many stopsigns and you'll pass a Pemex on right and just ahead is a roundabout. NO SIGNS. Look to your right and if your vision is good you'll see about 1/4mile down a small sign for Morelia. Make that right at roundabout and then left at Morelia sign and follow the road. You'll come to another roundabout and make a right. Two long hours to Morelia. Someone else has answered the other parts of your questions. The VERY BEST advice I can give--if you think you are lost--pull over and flag down a taxi and have him lead you to where you need to go. Hope this helps. A little more advice--there are lots of Pemex stations that are super clean and some have TP but not all--carry some TP with you and no matter how good they look, take some in with you.

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