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Posted by Molly from ( on domingo, octubre 05, 2003 at 00:34:41 :

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And people too :(

Murder riddle of a dolphin lover
Caroline Turrif and Tom Walker

Times Online

21st September 21, 2003

ON the sleepy Caribbean island of St Lucia, Jane Tipson was in her element. For a nature lover and businesswoman, it was a paradise where she spent her days campaigning for the protection of animals and her evenings running her restaurant.

But last Wednesday morning she was found slumped across the wheel of her car after being shot at close range in the neck. It is suspected that Tipson’s love of wildlife, and especially dolphins, could have involved her in a protest too far.

One of the world’s leading dolphin campaigners believes that Tipson, 53, had put herself at risk by her efforts to stop St Lucia establishing “swim- with-dolphins” centres. Ric O’Barry, former trainer of the “Flipper” dolphins of the long- running television series, said that he often spoke to Tipson and feared for her safety.

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