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Posted by Cece from ( on jueves, octubre 23, 2003 at 13:22:51 :

Seeing as I got a fair amount of info from reading other people’s recaps, I thought I’d post my own. Sorry if it is long!

First off, let me say I am not really a beach person, so my perspective may be different. Still, every now and then, a girl needs to just lounge on a beach and have drinks brought to her! So my boyfriend and I booked a quick 5 night trip to Mexico, to unwind a little.

Flight with Aeromexico was great – we had full old-fashioned hot meals on both flights. It seems all I get on flights these days is a cold sandwich that is mostly bun, so this was a pleasant surprise.

We decided to stay at Las Brisas, because he wanted air conditioning, and we both thought we’d use the gym to keep up with our jogging. (ha ha) We were very pleased with the hotel. It is showing a little wear and tear, but over all a very nice place to stay, if expensive once there. The balcony was as great as advertised, but we didn’t spend much time on it – we went out! We really liked our beach. As I said in the Brisas post somewhere below, I am not one for beaches lined with hotels, or that have too many activities going on. I like quiet remote places, and this beach felt that way. It isn’t a swimming beach, but we aren’t big swimmers, so the waves and undertow were not a problem. We splashed around when too hot, and then headed back to our quiet little spot on the beach. (I slathered 30 all over myself, and after a few minutes in the sun was toasted brown. That was some strong sun!) The chairs and towels and palapas and service were great. But pricey. Eventually, we started smuggling down our own beer in the hotel room ice bucket to save some money. The pools were nice, but we didn’t go to Mexico to hang out by the pool.

The hotel has a great bar overlooking the sea and sunset, so we spent the first couple of sunsets hanging out there, and racked up quite the pricey bar bill. We soon learned to cab into Zihua for entertainment, as the prices were better and it was nicer. Well, actually, I knew that all along, but some people don’t listen to me. I SAID let’s bring a cooler and keep our own beer, and my beau snapped “I am NOT worrying about that on vacation”. He had a horrible snit one evening when we couldn’t get on the sunset cruise because of lack of people. Everything bugged him. The prices we were paying in the hotel, how we didn’t think it through to bring a cooler or something (hello?) and of course, it somehow was all my fault. Snitty people! Sitting quietly next to them is not helpful, asking them if they will be ok doesn’t help either, and finally taking a book to the hammock on the balcony is apparently the wrong thing too. Whatever! He got over it.

We walked into Ixtapa on day one to check it out and find a breakfast place for the next day. (his idea – I would have headed right for Zihua) Typical resort town and we were glad not to be staying right in it. We tried a couple of restaurants there – both excellent. Casa Morelos: I loved my seafood pepper thing I think it was (who can remember exactly? This was after happy hour at the bar and a lot of mango margaritas!) My boyfriend also liked his meal – tuna steak and cactus, but it was not what he expected – tuna a bit overcooked for his taste, and cut up in pieces. We also ate at Beccofino one night, and had a great meal there. Grilled fish, wine, dessert, complimentary appetizers, and great service! The mosquitoes ate me alive, but it was worth it! The waiter offered to bring me a table cloth to wrap myself in, which I thought was cute. When we left, they gave us a cartoon-like map of Ixtapa/Zihua as a souvenir.


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