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We cabbed into Zihua for wandering around, shopping and eating. I really enjoyed our meal at La Sirena Gorda and we paid about $30 including tip for beer, appetizers, catch of the day meals and dessert. The prices were even better at Tamales Any, and the mole was delicious. I would have liked to sample a lot more places, but with the heat, I was never hungry for lunch.

We headed to La Ropa one afternoon, and the cab driver brought us to Rossyís. La Ropa was a pretty beach, but as we were not staying there, we found it a bit awkward to hang out at Rossyís in our bathing suits and relax, so we didnít take off our shorts, and we didnít stay long. We walked up the beach and through the Villa del Sol (so nice!) to catch a cab back to town.

In terms of activities, it was so hot, we were moving in slow motion most of the time, feeling pretty lazy! I could barely lift the camera to take pictures. Somehow, we never made it out to the island for snorkeling, but we did take a sunset cruise on our last night. We also played golf Ė well, he did. I drove the cart. We went to the one near the hotel.. Palmas? It was a nice course, but I think they had a lot of rain (not during our trip though!) so parts were muddy, and they were working on the sand traps while we were there. Lots of leaves on the ground, etc. It could have used more maintenance, but it was off season. He had to rent golf clubs and was not happy with what was available, or the price, or his resulting score with clubs that donít have stiff shafts or something. The lesson Ė if you want to golf, bring your own clubs. I think in total it was just over $100 for everything.

We almost went deep sea fishing, but I was a bit concerned about the size of the boat we were offered. I get sea sick and that little boat didnít look like much fun for 7 hours. We ended up passing on it. But it wasnít a bad deal $170 for both of us. It was too hard to make decisions in the heat. It was easier to go lie under the palapa and have a coco loco! And with only 5 nights, time kind of got away from us.

The only down side to the trip, if I had to come up with one, was that we didnít get much sleep. For some reason, in spite of air conditioning and wonderful sounds of crashing surf, we couldnít sleep, so we got progressively more tired as opposed to relaxed and recharged. I can't figure that out. Maybe we were excited? We also got sick on our last day, but it was the day we left and didnít interfere with our holiday!

On a final note, I have always joked that no matter where I go in the world, people mistake me for a local, and Mexico was no exception. Waiters kept giving me Spanish menus and then saying ďIím sorry Ė I assumed you were Mexican!Ē So if I ever commit a crime and need to disappear, I know I can blend in pretty much anywhere! Except maybe Sweden. I can think of far worse places to have to hide out for the rest of my life than Zihua. :)

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