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Posted by John in Alaska from ( on lunes, octubre 27, 2003 at 13:43:57 :

1 of 10. Keep a Journal. We were there for 11 days. You will never remember the difference between day 4 and day 8 unless you write it down. We've been back 2 weeks now, I read our journal to my sweetheart and it was wonderful to relive our trip of a lifetime. For example, on day 4 we had dinner at Elvira's, Gil was our waiter. In spanish, I ordered prawns cooked in garlic and butter. But instead of saying mantequilla (butter) I said Manzanilla (a town north of Zihua). He gave me sh.. about it with a twinkle in his eye all night. In the morning with a cup of coffe, I would go out on the balcony and write everything about the previous day.... do it, you'll thank yourself for a lifetime.

2 of 10. Bring a light DEET repellant and citronella candles. The noseeums and mosquitoes will get you otherwise. They hide out in darker areas such as under tables. Spray your ankles and lower legs before you go out in the evening. Bring some Dermarest for the afterbites.


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