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Posted by John in Alaska from ( on lunes, octubre 27, 2003 at 18:27:43 :

3 of 10. Get lots of Change. 10, 20, and 50 peso notes. You'll need them everywhere. No one, and I mean no one has any decent amount of change. You'll need to get it at the bank. If you get your money out of the ATM, walk right into the lobby and have the teller give you smaller notes. In addition to that, keep your coins for the Chicklet kids. "Necesito cambio, por favor" is how you ask for change, by the way.

4 of 10. Pack light. Shorts, sandals, light t-shirts and tanktops. One pair khaki trousers for dinner out. Ladies, bring light cotton dresses for evening wear.

5 of 10. Walk everywhere... If you can. We walked to Playa Las Gatas twice. Make sure if you do that, that you wear athletic shoes, sandals will not suffice. We walked from La Ropa to town everyday. Walk to the end of the beach, walk up the hill next to Casa Que Canta, walk 600 yards along the road to Hotel Irma, walk down the hill, across Madera beach, along the walkway, and there you are. The only time we took a taxi was when my wife was in heels. I lost 7 lbs on this trip!

6 of 10. Bring gifts for the Hotel Staff. We brought chocolate (Bought at for Ghiridelli,Belgian chocolate), nail polish and lipstick. We left gifts in addition to tipping to show that we appreciated the wonderful service. Selso and Javier at the front desk, Blanca in the restaurant, Jose and Juan at the bar, and Ulysses and Fili as our bellhops were absolutely the best at the Catalina. The gifts were warmly received and apprectiated.
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