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Posted by Amy and Jon from ( on martes, noviembre 11, 2003 at 12:31:59 :

Our first weekend was just great! Not crowded at all. The most people we saw a any one place was at Rick's Bar where they had live music on Saturday night and Bandidido with live music. La Ropa wasn't crowded at all and the water was fine for swimming and playing. We tried Cafe Chuleto and it was really nice. Brandy shrimp and quail. Dessert was crepes at Cafe Mandarina on Saturday. Sunday was La Ropa again with a skimmer board. the surf is low and just right for doing this. We wandered several of the beach restaurants for a few beers only and finally ate at El Marlin at the far end of the beach. We had the "original" tiritas along with the story about how they got invented. We had seen their page and already knew the story of how La Ropa got it's name. Sunday night was quiet ... long nap and we wanted tacos later. We went to Las Braseros and it was really hard to pick something they have such a huge menue, but fish Tacos and al pastor and a huarache (first time we had this any where) All excellent. Monday breakfast at Cafe Malibu was OK, pretty much typical american, pancakes. Lunch at Don Mique(sp?) the ownwer is really nice. a fish stew and a whole red snapper beteen us and was perfect! Wandering around, we had a coffee with Juanita at Cafe Zihuatanejo. Free! we had a coupon from the internet. Bought a kilo of a special mix of whole beans ,we'll grind them at home. Whew! Sounds like all we do is eat, but that's almost the truth. Monday night was Casa Elvira Restaurant. The original - "they are the first and don't have branches" and the cray was wonderful. Breakfast was at La Bocana - finished an hour ago- great! I think we may have dinner there tonight. Today will be spent exploring the arts and crafts.

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