Trip Report 3

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Posted by Hood Canal Gale from ( on jueves, noviembre 13, 2003 at 23:27:34 :

Work has taken its toll on time for writing more reports. Thanks to the others who continue to share their experience. I will attempt a third and final report which will be more of the European plan than all-inclusive.
Someone on this board had said to be sure and meet Jorge at the Dorado. So after our great day at Ixtapa Island we wandered down to the Dorado for a swim. At the swim-up bar I asked for Jorge and was greeted by him. I told him he was muy famoso and he laughed and we visited for two hours between refreshments and swimming. My wife was feeling pretty good so she ordered a flambee dessert. Minutes later we climbed out of the pool and sat at a table dripping wet to watch and savor the culinary artistry. Pure fun!...Later, it was fish and octopus tacos at the Onyx sports bar-not our choice for fine dining but it was a convenient way to avoid the sudden rain shower. The next day was the beginning of a three day bout with Montezuma. I woke early and headed for the golf course feeling a little queazy. By the fifteenth hole I knew I needed to get back to the hotel. I was sapped of strength and pretty much laid around and well, you know the rest...Sunday, was our last day at the CP and we were glad to be moving to Zihua. We packed up early, said our goodbyes, and left early for Villas Carolina. We were greeted at the door by the owner who informed us that our room wasn't quite ready but they were happy to keep our bags. We walked the one block which passes the entrance to Villa Mexicana and ends at Paty's. More refreshments and a swim. We returned to the VC and were shown our room. We had a garden suite about seven steps from the pool. We were breathtaken by the design, craftsmanship, and romantic atmosphere of our room and the place in general. Beautifully decorated, all kinds of accent lighting, a private patio, and a perfect little kitchen that opens to the patio. We were glad to have a fridge after being without in Ixtapa. We immediately felt another level of relaxation just by being in Zihua and at the VC...The evening was memorable. We decided to go back to Paty's mainly because of Miguel and Jevanni(sp)the friendly waitors. The thunder clouds were billowing and a sure storm was approaching. We grabbed a table under a palapa while the waitors were busy grabbing tablecloths and salt shakers. Soon, it was lightning everywhere. The red snapper was good but the light show was better. Long bolts of lightning every five or ten seconds out over the water and in the direction of Ixtapa lit up the entire bay. One bolt struck over Puerto Mio and the lights on the hillside went out for several minutes. It was a heavenly welcome to a heavenly place...The next day we lazed around and then made a trip to the CM to stock up a bit. D took a long time trying to pick out a couple of Mexican CD's because our place had a CD player. One wasn't bad and the other was a real bomb...We had seven great days at VC and then our plan was to finish our trip for four days at the Villa del Sol. We made the move and had one of the older Superior rooms, about $280 night. Had we known we would have stayed put at the VC. Villa del Sol is a beautiful place but we liked the quiet intimacy of VC.
1. Hotel Catalina has internet access in the office. $2/hour. Villa del Sol has it,too but it is $4 for 15 minutes.
2. Catalina's sunset bar is certainly worth a walk up the steps for.
3. We checked out Villa Mexicana. Great locat1on and adequate to nice rooms. Could be greatly improved with nicer decor and a little landscaping.
4. Enjoyed watching construction (I'm a builder, you know) on the Intrawest resort. I talked to a representative and he said they would run it as a hotel with some available rooms. It looks like it will be quite a place when finished.
5. Fished one day on La Bamba and sort of bambed out. Jose Vargas and Armando worked hard though. Apparently, the blue water was about 20 miles out and I know we didn't travel that far. Oh well, next time.
6. How come taxi driver's never have change???
7. Spent one afternoon wandering around trying to find your office, Rob. I found the "other" one but not yours. It was sooo hot we gave up. It would have helped if I had the address.
8. Breakfasts at Villa del Sol are reasonable and very good. The prices go up for lunch and dinner. Even if you are not staying there, take a stroll through and have a relaxing breakfast.
9. Most of the beach restaurants, Paty's,Elviras,Gaviota's,Cocodrilos, have similar menus and prices. We found La Perla to be a cut above the others in quality.
10. Villa de la Selva was an outstanding evening with great food, service, recorded music, and ocean. Puesta del Sol was a fun, family, personal atmosphere run by a fine couple who are great cooks.
Last Days: The day before we left the Carnival cruise ship, "Spirit" sailed into the harbor. I can't believe how big they really are. Last year, we were on it. This year we were on the beach. We were glad not to have the eight hour version of Zihua but were grateful that it brought us there...Two days before we left we knew we had better shop for a few presents. We headed down to the artisan's market and went through the somewhat painful process of trying to buy a little silver and a few other "almost free" items. We met a nice young man selling those three for ten dollar tee shirts and were busy trying to decide whether to get the turtle one or the dolphin one when an elderly lady bumped my arm and extended a worn paper cup. I thought it was another vendor at first but could quickly see that it wasn't. She muttered some words that I didn't understand and then showed me the large wounds and sores on her ankles. I was abruptly and soberingly taken from my world and my preoccupation with tee shirts. Because I believe that miracles can happen I briefly prayed for her and then put something in her cup. That image has stuck with me as a reminder that there is another world besides the tourist world and that helping others find happiness can greatly lead to our own...I have realized that any place that can make me write this much must be special. Thanks to all who have shared their knowledge and experience. It has helped us have an even more special time. The friendly, uplifting tone of this message board is refreshing after a long day at work. Z ya later, HCG.

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