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Posted by Hutch from (?) on lunes, noviembre 17, 2003 at 11:21:59 :

In Reply to: Re: Villa Mexicana posted by Jeff in CA from (adsl-63-206-93-157.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net) on sábado, noviembre 15, 2003 at 11:54:25 :

Jeff, in all honesty, in the five years we have stayed at the VM we always discover people who move not just once from their inital room but sometimes several moves take place. The main reason is when you arrive, if you are unhappy with the locat1on of your room, the staff will do everything possible to relocate you. Funny, the guests really don't seem to mind...they just go with the flow. My husband and I have only relocated once because we were unhappy with our locat1on and that was this past March. I think we had the worst upper level room with balcony; it was right above the "cat lady's", Claudiah (the manager's) room. Not only is the artisian market/alley located right next to that locat1on but alson Claudiah has wire fencing secured to the top of her patio area to restrain the cats of which there are at least 6. They can at times make a lot of noise. Don't get me wrong here as far as Claudiah and the cats go...Claudiah is a very nice and efficient manager who just happens to love cats. So, back to the initial subject, we made it very clear how unhappy we were with our room and the locat1on and that we were paying the same price for that room that we have paid every year for prime locat1ons. Actually, thinking back, it was several days before we were able to move but that was okay as we were at the VM for 16 days. Thing is Jeff, it is Mexico and it really is difficult to secure the room you want ahead of arrival. After going there for 5 years in a row we always ask our travel agent to request a specific room (we give her several room #'s to list) but you know, it just never works. I can tell you that if you book at the Villa Mexicana you will absolutely love the locat1on; it is beautiful. If you don't get the locat1on you want up front, be patient (and persistent) and I can almost guarantee you it will all work out. Hope you and everyone else on this board is off to a good week!

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