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Posted by ZihuaRob from ( on martes, noviembre 25, 2003 at 11:29:46 :

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"Poor but happy" is an old saying around here, mostly because of historical events that have made Mexico the way it is. To the Mexican it means that he is not the slave to work or money or the capitalistic philosophy or the Protestant work ethic. Rather, he works as hard as he needs to in order to make ends meet, but not any harder since one must enjoy their free time. It's like the old anecdote about the gringo who comes to buy a straw hat from the Mexican artisan. The gringo likes the hat so much that he comes back to see about importing them. He asks the Mexican "How much will you charge me if I buy a hundred hats from you?" And the Mexican says "$10 pesos each". The gringo says "But you sold me one hat for $7 pesos. Why do you charge more to sell more hats?" And the wizened Mexican looks up with his weary eyes as if the gringo must be kind of naive and says "because to make you one hat I've only to go to my garden to get the materials, but to make you a hundred I must travel farther up into the sierra and it will take me more time to collect the materials which I must buy from other farmers and I will have to spend more time away from my family and eat and sleep away from my home. So I must consider the costs and inconvenience and the fact that I will have to work harder to provide you with a hundred hats than to provide you with one. Now do you understand?" But of course the gringo didn't understand and only walked away thinking the Mexican was a bad businessman. Some things in life are more important than money, and those are the values that are most important to the Mexicans and their culture.

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