Quick trip report (returned last night)

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Posted by SteveinDanville from (h-67-101-148-46.SNFCCASY.dynamic.covad.net) on domingo, diciembre 07, 2003 at 18:11:12 :

Stayed in a Jr. Suite at Las Brisas. 22nd floor, jacuzzi tub outside, and the extra room solves all the old complaints by us about just not enough space to put our clothes and other junk. Two units wide, with two decks width (walk through), and they through in the Brisas Beach Club (simple continental b'fast and some white wine and margaritas and hor'sdeourves in the evening), all for $230/night USD. At at El Faro (very good as usual; didn't care for the Pacifica timeshare solicitation while the bill was being presented!), Casa Que Canta (hate to say this about our former favorite restaurant in Zihua, but the service has slipped; they used to absolutely kill you with attention and remind you that you can have anything you want, done any way. I asked for a whole fish al mojo de ajo, which I've had here 4 or 5 times previously, and it was great before. This time they complied warmly, but what showed up was a roasted fish--plain--with a ramekin of oil and garlic on the side. Not the same thing, guys...), Kau-Kan (great dinner!!!), Villa de la Selva twice (great both times), and our discovery, courtesy of Yasmine, the Concierge at Las Brisas: La Cala at Puerto Mio! If you've never seen this little cove, with tables going right down to the rocks, you're missing something quite dramatic! On top of that, the food was great. My wife had the seafood linguine both times, while I had the fish of the day both times, along with their raw tuna slices in lime, olive oil, onion and capers both times. Awesome! We flat out had our socks knocked off by this place, it's that good! Make sure you meet Pablo, and if he ends up being your waiter, you'll be most happy. They make a nice small chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream on the side that was quite good. Anyway, back to the hotel; the Las Brisas staff and management have brought the place back to the good old days of the Camino Real and the Westin ownership(s). Very kind, helpful people...Raymundo has been in the lobby bar in the evenings for 18 years now, so it's always nice to see a familar face, and get recognized back! All in all, it was a wonderful 7 days. One final thing: we finally got to take advantage of Alaska's non-stop service from SFO to ZIH, and what a difference it makes skipping that hell-hole called LAX! We got off the plane at 8:25 last night, and walked in our door in Danville (in the East Bay) at 9:40!!! That's about how long it takes to go through Immigration and Customs at LAX, and then go back to find your plane home! Anyway, I hope I didn't offend anybody if this trip sounded show-off-y or pompous. We go to either Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo or Hawaii every year for our wedding anniversary (had a Lagoon Suite at Villa del Sol last year), so we like to do it right, and we look forward to our dinners as much as anything. We remember when you used to have to sneak up on the Mexican white wine/chardonnay, and now it's better than Chilean, in our opinion, so even that's looking up! Altogether, one of our best vacations ever. By the way, no golf, no fishing, no shopping, just enjoying the beach palapas or the pools and plowing through a number of books...to us, that's vacation!

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