Warning about internet hotel reservations

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Posted by Lucia from (dsl-201-128-68-248.prod-infinitum.com.mx) on lunes, diciembre 08, 2003 at 22:55:29 :

The widespread of internet sites featuring hotels and providing reservation services is a matter of your attention.

Some of these agents have proved to be fraudulent as they would ask you to pay for your stay through a credit card. Once they get your money, that is the end of the story.

The hotels may get notified about your arrival, but the payment never gets to the hotel.

You can have a document which shows that you paid to the intermediary, but that does not mean that the hotel has received your money. A hotel may refuse to give you lodging if the payment has not been received.

Be watchful when you navigate the internet. It is common now days that once you write a word (metatag), you would then find a huge list of companies offering their services. Not all of them are legal, reputable or serious.

How to find out? Recommendations, direct experience, help a lot. Something that is also helpful is to find the web page of the hotel where you plan to go, or to contact them directly. You can first verify the information directly from the source. Once you are comfortable with your choice, you may want to use the services of an internet company, or a travel agent, but please be well informed so that you get the services and pay the price accordingly.

Some of these companies ask the hotels to provide them their net rates. Then they may sell the services at prices that are higher than the public rates. Please make sure that you pay no more than the public rates from the property of your choice.

Check also the cancellation policies of the hotel of your choice. These may be different from the ones sold by the internet providers.

Please be careful. There are many legal, prestigious travel agencies who may be known by you who would do an excellent job at booking a trip for you. Give them your business, but please be careful with those ones that you do not know.

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