Water Contamination in Zihuatanejo

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Posted by Bill from (adsl-68-78-118-172.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net) on sábado, diciembre 13, 2003 at 11:13:21 :

In Reply to: Last Year's Sewer Problem posted by leeet from (?) on viernes, diciembre 12, 2003 at 14:53:34 :

While there continues to be serious water contamination issues in the areas Rob indicates, untreated sanitary waste flows into the bay regularly by several means . . . and not just when it rains; for someone to assert otherwise is, I believe, disingenuous.

Water testing by the state and federal government continues, but local officials and tourism boosters have worked very hard to block the results of the testing from being made public. What these selfish people have done is to place the health of many people (local residents and tourists alike) at risk for purely selfish/commercial reasons; I believe that such behavior, or a defense of it, is irresponsible.

The situation in Zihautanejo does not appear to be as serious as what's found in some of the other areas being monitored (however, the refusal to make public the ongoing testing results adds to the speculation that things have gotten worse, not better), and that’s something that needs to be said - but all the protestations to the contrary, some of the water in the bay is highly contaminated.

Corruption within local governments and years of neglect by residents (and commercial interests) are, largely, responsible for the current situation being left unattended.

When Rob, about as big a local tourism booster as you'll find, cautions vacationers that after being in the water at certain beach areas, “ . . . you should take care to wash thoroughly with an antibacterial soap and clean your ears well.” - that’s a health safety warning most vacationers need to be concerned about.

At the end of the day, the contamination is still there. Ignoring a problem won’t result in its going away. Making public the current testing results, and those for the past 8 months, will better equip residents and visitors to deal with the dangers . . . and will serve to keep the pressure upon seemingly uncaring public officials and commercial interests to correct the problem.

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