Day One Report

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Posted by Zihuateco from ( on sábado, diciembre 20, 2003 at 21:38:40 :

After 7 long months, it was time to return.

We have been visiting Ixt/Zihua on a regular basis over the past 11 years. Twice a year over the past 4 - 5 years.

We(wife and 11 yr old son) left LAX 12/12 for 7 nights. We have 5 huge bags and one box for the trip. It turned out that one of my bags was 2 lbs. over the limit. The agent wanted to impose a $50 fee for the extra weight. No problem; I open the side pouch of the case in question and pull out some articles. I ask the agent to re-weigh the case. It is now under the limit. We are then sent over submit our bags to the x-ray. I conveniently place the objects back in the bag and send them off.

The flight was uneventfull and predcictable - awful lunch, expensive beer and a crying baby or two.

We arrive 15 min. early. Exit the back door of the plane and it hits us - the all too familiar bright sun and heat of having stepped out onto the Zihuatanejo airport.

We grab a private taxi and head off to the Barcelo. We have always stayed at the Barcelo (use to be a Sheraton).

As we head down the hill to the hotel zone, I quickly notice a dramatic change to the landscape I have come to love and rely on - the Aristos no longer stands. For those old timers out there, it is shocking to no longer see the old structure.

We arrive and our greeted by our countless compadres y comadres who have worked at the Sheraton/Barcelo over the years. We are quickly whisked off to the Caroacol where we see more compas and an elaborate arrangement of cocteles de camaron, guacamole, totopos and buckets of ice cold coronas. Damn it feels great to be home.

We sit there for hours eating, drinking and catching up on the latest since our last visit. The missing Aristos begins to haunt me.

We change and head to Zihua for our obligatory first night visit. Z is extremely busy. Sandra mentions that it feels different - too busy and crowded to the Zihua we have come to know and love.

First stop is the church in front of the Artesians market. We then stroll paseo pescadero, see old friends, say hello and catch up on their families and the happenings of Zihua. All of our friends (born and raised in Z) share the same feeling - the city of Zihuatanejo is growing too fast.

Next stop is to visit Miguel at Albertos. A cold beer, a shot of mezcal, some purchases and after a lot of catching up; it is time to head back to the Barcelo.

Sandra and Anthony go to bed and I head off to my favorite chair at the Sanca Bar. I see some more compas, enjoy some cold ones and catch up on what as happened over the past seven months.

Day two to follow.

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