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Posted by Canuck from (dup-200-65-171-89.prodigy.net.mx) on lunes, diciembre 29, 2003 at 20:08:11 :

Day 1 - Minus 15C to plus 34C in 5 hours direct! Breezed through Zihua airport...exit airplane, customs, luggage, to a taxi in 15 minutes..is that a record? 250 Pesos cab (standard) to our hotel Continental Plaza where we rented a two bedroom condo. Fifth floor with great view of the beach and the setting sun. A walk around Ixtapa to get oriented and to stock the fridge full of Dos Equis and then down to the beach to play in the waves which were the biggest of the week... 4-6 foot shore breakers. Too tricky for body surfing but lots of fun to play human washing machine. Went for dinner in Zihua at Daniels on Playa Principal, great live music, good food, cheap....dinner for two, many drinks for ~300pesos.

Day 2 - Taxi over to Marina Ixtapa golf course at 830am, we're the only ones there, went straight on. Never any need to book tee times in Ixtapa. $70US a round (discount from regular $94 through hotel) plus $10 for my girlfriend who doesn't play to ride with me. Enjoyed the course (parred the first 8 holes from the tips then lost it), good layout, deep bermuda rough, soft greens, finished in 2½ hours. It's no Cabo, but at a ¼ price anyone who is a golfer should bring down their clubs. Back to the beach so I could get bashed in the waves and the GF could sun and read. Waves the rest of the week were 2-3 footers, small but fun for everyone, even young ones. Dinner at Emilio's in Ixtapa, great pizzas here. Salad, largest pizza to share and a few drinks each for around 300pesos. Went over to Señor Frogs after to check out the night life as we already had a few dead soldiers under our belt. Bar didn't get busy till 11:00ish, music was all techno and not really my cup so we left shortly, although the GF liked it and wanted to dance, I only dance at stampede and new years.

Day 3 - Took the short cab Zihua central so we could enjoy the walk over to La Ropa. Took about 30 minutes and provides great views and allows you to check out some of the neat restaurants on the hill..Kua Kan, El Mare, Puesta Del Sol. La Ropa was beautiful as expected, relaxing but no waves. Highly recommend having lunch at La Perla and ordering a Coco Loco...tasty drink served in a hollowed out coconut. Villa Del Sol looked great and would be my hotel of choice next time.

Day 4 - Up early and rented a car through our hotel concierge girl. Found a great deal at 500pesos a day for an older model VW beetle with the roof cut off. (Older model meaning possibly the oldest beetle in the world.) Hopped in and hit the open highway with the roof off heading North. Just past Troncones turnoff the car broke down and since me or the GF know nothing about cars we were up sh1t creek. Then a couple Yankee cyclist rode up and stopped and somehow, with the help of a kind Mexican fellow who stopped as well, fixed the beetle and we were on our way! The car could only go 60KmH but it went. Rented a surfboard and body board at Jaguars for 165pesos for the day and hit the waves. Pretty good beach to learn at as we are beginners, heard that Saladitas(?) up the road had a great break. Also checked out Inn at Manzanillo Bay, wow, this hotel was great if you are looking for an absolutly relaxing stay in beautiful, quiet surroundings. Drove back to Ixtapa with everyone from mopeds to pick up trucks with 20 guys in the back passing us. Headed to La Perla again hoping to catch a NHL hockey game on the TV. Forgot is was Monday Night Football day so caught the end of the Packers games.

Day 5 - Returned the car first thing and negotiated a 100pesos discount for the trouble. Then spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach in the hot fantastic sun. Quick trip over to Ruebens for a delicious burger fries and a Dos Equis for cheap. Took a cab over to Casa Que Canta too check out what all the fuss was about. Determined it was because this may be the finest small hotel I've seen, beautiful architecture, intimate lounging areas, infinity pools, crashing waves on the rocks, impeccable service. Only saw 7 quests, four of which were drinking beer in the infinity pool looking over the bay at the sunset. We left quickly in a rage of jealousy at these people and walked up to Puesta Del Sol (Puerta Del Sol) as it was recommended and cheaper than Kua Kan. The view of Zihua was great as we had a great seat for the sunset. We were the only two there and had great service from the owner (I believe) who was a lot of fun to talk to. He also made us do a special liquor shot after dinner which instantly puts people in my good books. The steak flambee, large mango daquiries, seafood pasta equaled the view...awesome. Dinner was once again around 400pesos for two with many drinks. Walked down after dinner to Zihua central to discover a huge celebration on the basketball courts. Jam packed with locals and included fire works, food tables, bands. It was quite a sight to see a cultural festival.

Day 6 - Up early to golf the Marina course again, was hoping to play Palma Real but it was about $110 US, so a bit too much to make it worth while over the Marina. Lots of fun, and enjoyed the reaction of giving 4 sleeves of new Titlest PROV1 to the caddies. I think they were really excited because I gather they do not get good new balls very often down there. Went back to the hotel beach and rolled around in the waves for hours again with a bunch of kids who probabley thought I was too old even though I am not! Dinner was at Villa de La Selva in by the Brisas hotel. Reserved a table on the internet before I left so we had a great seat. The view was/is spectacular. The ocean, sunset, the relaxing music, distant lights of Ixtapa...wow. Between us we ordered three daquiries, two beers and a bottle of white, two appetizers, and two entrees... bill 959pesos($115Canadian). The food was wonderful, recommend the tuna wraps and tomato, goat cheese, avocado shrimp appetizers. As we agreed this was the finest dining experience of our short lives, we booked for the next night.

Day 7 - Merry Christmas, woke the GF up eary to open her stocking before we headed fishing. The taxi driver never showed up as indicated but we assumed he might be hung over like us so didn't get mad. Instead hooked up with a taxi driver at our hotel whose brother in law turned out to be our boat captain and knew exactly where to find him. Hopped on our little Panga and headed out. Not 5 minutes after the first line went in we had a bite. 80 pound sailfish jumping clean out of the water...awesome. My GF then hooked a 90 pounder (bigger than mine), she loved it as she had never fished like this, well neither had I. Only had a few beers on the boat so we wouldn't have to use the bathroom, which consisted of an open toilet seat with no privacy. Not a problem for me but she was glad she avoided it. Got back at noon and headed back to Ixtapa for some body surfing and floating on my back while she read in the sun. Returned to Villa de La Selva for dinner and enjoyed a spectacular sunset as this day was the only day that was slightly cloudy. Christmas Dinner at this restaurant may become tradition. After dinner walked up to El Faro restaurant in Pacifica for drinks. Beautiful place with a stunning view of all Ixtapa, drinks were good. Took the little gondola down which was fun and walked the beach at night (our last) back to our condo. What a day!

Day 8 - Played on our beach and in the waves for the last time, quick lunch back at Ruebens so wouldn't be hungry for plane food. Almost had to force my GF in the cab as she wanted to miss the plane, and sadly made the journey to the airport.

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