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Posted by Lyle from ( on martes, enero 13, 2004 at 22:47:19 :

After trips two and three years ago to the Presidente and Barcelo my wife and I decided to rent a two bedroom condo and to try all the great restaurants that are written about here. We were taking our 12 year old daughter and 8 year old son for the second time. (they missed the first trip, haha.) We enjoyed the all-inclusive and it was great for the kids and when they were 6 and 10. We were hoping they would enjoy the extra room, their own beds and of course a bedroom for ourselves. (It’s our vacation too.) We loved our first two trips and after not going away last year we really wanted to return to Ixtapa. We couldn’t find anything really affordable out of Detroit or Toronto (we are from Windsor, Ont.), and although there were good deals to other sun locat1ons we didn’t want to go anywhere else. With cheapo me holding out, Apple flights dropped 40% just before Christmas and through this site we rented a great condo, on the 5th floor, at the Continental Plaza. (The flights dropped another 50%, 5 days after we booked, but we really didn’t care because cost of condo and flights was affordable – AND WE WERE GOING BACK TO IXTAPA!!)
Here is the report.
Everything had come together perfectly until we arrived at the airport on Jan. 3 we were told of a 9 hour delay. Everything had worked out so well – don’t turn it bad now!
We arrived at Zihua airport around 4:30 Sunday morning. We got the green light at customs and grabbed a cab. If you have a lot of luggage (including golf clubs) make sure the cab has a roof rack. I really didn’t like the way my golf clubs sat on top of the luggage and tied with an open trunk. The cab driver had a coat on (what’s with this?) and the a/c blasting but whisked us off to the Continental. We got there quick and got in our room and did some basic unpacking. Luckily the plane had only about 60 passengers so we each had our own row of 3 to spread out and sleep. We are all pumped, so a walk on the beach was in order. Drop the sandals off at the beach entrance and off we go. El Palmer beach is still awesome. While not violent, the wave’s crashing were great and the pacific waters are warm even in January. (Our first two trips were in November.) After a stroll down to the Barcelo (the Aristos is gone!) we turned and came back. May be we weren’t quite as pumped as I thought and we all hit the sack for a few hours while it was still dark.
We got up around 9:30 and the view from the condo was awesome. The beach out front, the big rocks in the ocean, and the waves – “we are lucky to be back”. We didn’t have the same north and south view as we had from the Barcelo or Presedente tower, but I could see ocean straight ahead and hear the waves. AWESOME. And I love the weather forecast – partly cloudy – yeah, about 10% cloudy. I will not bore your with all the day to day details, but will try to summarize. The week actually went by slow. We wanted to relax, walk the beach a lot. Since it was our third trip we didn’t waste time looking for things, strolling around the shopping areas and investigating. While I am sure we missed stuffed again – I don’t care, we wanted to relax.
We had great meals just abut every where we went. We lunched at JJ’s, Momma Normas (twice), Krystal hotel (was right next door) – all were great. We had dinner at Franks (twice), Daniels, El Faro (it is still there whoever asked before I went), La Perla, and Ricks Crows Nest. Franks was awesome – two great meals – get the platter (shrimp, lobster, tuna) that wasn’t on the menu. We all loved Daniels. El Faro was expensive but what a view and very good food. Ricks is a great place to go on 4th or 5th night when you think to yourself - I need a home cooked meal. The rib eyes they gave me to cook were monsters, plus the best margaritas we had all week. A great area to walk around after you have finished dinner. I know this site likes La Perla – we didn’t. The service was poor (they had a wedding rehearsal) and the food was so so. My son got very sick that night, he had same meal as my wife and I, so it may have been the sun, but we won’t go back. Feet in the sand and all, didn’t make it for us. Thank god we had the condo with a washer – easy to clean up everything.
Other things:
My son and I went down to the Zihua pier one day around 10 in the morning and went out for small game fish. We hired a captain who didn’t go out in the morning, for about three hours for $80. I knew the family couldn’t stand a long charter and we only caught one fish but it was enough for him. While we were gone my wife and daughter got manicures on the beach. My wife went for a massage for $10 that would have been $90 back home. I went golfing one day by myself and played 18 in just over 2 hours. (I didn’t look hard, but no one seemed to want to play.) We had at least three long beach walks every day (morning day and evening) and were comfortable enough to leave the kids at the pool or even in the ocean a few times, if they didn’t want to go. The kids released turtles one day. They painted some ceramics that were great and cheap, and also kept them out of the sun. We met soem great people from Dearborn, MI and loved chatting with them during the day.
Staying in the condo was terrific. We had lots of room. The condo had lots of towels, although we rented daily beach towels ($1 each) from the Continental. The condo had boogie boards, sand toys, a VCR, an eating table for UNO games with the kids. The kids had the boogie boards out every day and spent all kinds of time in the ocean. The ocean wasn’t nearly as rough as I have seen it. It was great having the fridge filled with liquids, and the cupboards with snacks. Other than peanut butter sandwiches and cereal for breakfast, we always ate out. We only had one breakfast out because after our coffee on the balcony and morning walk on the beach it was too late to go anywhere and waste an hour.
And then the part that really sucked – other than leaving of course. I scrambled some eggs we had picked up at the commercial (that weren’t refrigerated there) that my daughter and I had for lunch the last day. Six hours later she got sick at the airport and again on the plane. I got sick on the plane about half hour before we landed. My daughter got sick going through customs in Detroit again. They x-ray all the luggage coming in, for security. We were taking care of her and paid no attention to the x-ray machine. Out of 6 rolls of film we got about 20 pictures. I think they got zapped. We are all upset. My wife says it is as if we weren’t even there, I guess we will have to go back.
We loved Ixtapa again and hopefully will return to the same condo next year. I know people here are always saying that you gotta eat out, and all inclusive isn’t the way to go. Do what you like and are comfortable with. We loved the AI’s, but were comfortable enough to give the eating out a try and we are glad we did and will do it the same way nest time. There are more restaurants we want to try and some we HAVE to go back to. I highly recommend the condo and all the advantages the extra room has to offer.
Feel free to email me directly if you have specific questions regarding the condo or anything else I wrote about.

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