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Posted by debk from ( on miércoles, enero 14, 2004 at 10:13:07 :

Just returned from Zihua last night and will do a more thorough trip report after I wade through all the mail and laundry. However, after having raved about LaPerla and VM over the years<.We had not been back in two years and found a lot can change.
First let me start with Villa Mexicana--if you want to sleep on vacation this is not the place for you. We had a room with two double beds, which indeed turned out to be a blessing, even tho we had requested a king. Both mattress were so horrible you could feel the springs in them (how long has it been since mattresses were made with springs?) We stacked them one on the other and found that to be better, but still less than comfortable. Other guests used the lounge chair pads at night to cushion their mattresses and others bought air mattresses.
I reported a leaky toilet the first night in then again on day 3 and certainly the maid had to have noticed it. We cut down a gallon jug to place under one of the leaks but still you could not use the toilet after a couple of hours without getting your feet wet.
Although we only ate one breakfast in their restaurant, we did try to use their service while lounging, if you got even got what you requested, service was slow and never were all the lounge chairs occupied, perhaps only half of them at most. VM has the ideal locat1on on the best beach in the area, but we will not return unless we hear they have made an effort to keep their guests comfortable. One more note--I do like Bach, Mozart and other classical music, but can't tell you how out of place it sounds playing in their restaurant and beach area.
Now on to LaPerla--have always loved it and ate their often in all of our five trips, always had fun with the waiters and enjoyed very good food at reasonable prices. While the menu has remained unchanged and prices still reasonable, I no longer felt valued as a guest. Only one out of the five times we ate there this trip did I not have to seek service. I was extrememly disappointed, even after we got someone's attention and received service, we would have to search them out again for our next request. I had lunch alone on Monday. I was not acknowledged for at least 15 minutes and only wanted a bowl of soup which took another 30 minutes to receive.
All this being said, we found many other great places to enjoy and Z is still our favorite destination, will write more as time allows.

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