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Posted by Gordon from ( on lunes, enero 19, 2004 at 16:54:50 :

Spent 33 days in Zihua for the 15th year. We will be back next year. For those of you who have AAA for your car I have started BBB in Zihua (Beach, Book and Beverage)
The weather as usual was great. Yes it did rain, more than a sprinkle, but it was primarily at night. It rained one other day in all these years; a Sunday 2 years ago, all day. Had to watch football! This
year it warmed up the day after the rain. But the sunshine was warm, the people as nice as ever and even warmer!
Essentially all was well. Even the flights. Last year we took off late and ended up in a very long line at immigration in Houston. This year we took off early and there wasn't a person in line when we arrived at immigration. What a difference 35 minutes makes.
Great meals most every night. Danniels and El Mediterranean by Centro are great; along with Elvira, Garrabos, Punta Derenis(sp?) etc.
Two exceptions. At Porto di Mare the food was lousy and the service terrible. My wife had roasted pork loin. If you have a hole in the sole of your shoe this item would make for a good patch. It was tough! She wanted fish but was told they were out! This by the beach where the fish are brought in daily! I had fajitas that were not bad except that the tortillas took 10 minutes to arrive at the table. And they are made continuously on the open fire! By that time the fixings were cold. It proved nearly impossible to get the bill. We noticed that others got up and went to the cashier to request theirs. And there was a man in charge (or appeared to be) He was bit on the heavy side. When he was not at the cashier's desk he was at the bar talking to men sitting and drinking. He noticed nothing! Over the years this spot has been occupied by many different resturants. None have made it. Will this one?
One other negative comment; Pollos Locos: We have eaten there numerous times. Food is good and inexpensive. But a few years ago we noticed that there was no water in the sink outside the bathrooms. For a while they had a bucket and a bowl where you could ladle out water, wash and rinse. They even had soap. But in the past few years there has not even been water in the bucket; and none the night we went! And we have seen more than one staff member exit the bathroom and return to the kitchen without washing. They must have water in the kitchen to wash dishes but these employees did not wash their hands. I would not eat in any resturant, in any country where this occurs.

But all in all, the stay was good. No fishing this time but others who did had good luck. A few side trips, some cold beer and a few naps. We will be back!

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