Playa Manzanillo

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Posted by ZihuaRob from ( on sábado, enero 24, 2004 at 16:49:41 :

In Reply to: ZihauRob-directions please! posted by gayle from ( on sábado, enero 24, 2004 at 16:02:53 :

Giving directions how to follow the footpaths from La Ropa to Manzanillo is simply not possible. Any way you get there by land you must cross private property, which is not exactly something I want to condone since some people are less responsible than others and all it takes is one person to ruin it for everyone. So I must recommend that you should either hire a panga to get there (which is the most fun and safest way to get there) or else hire a guide to show you the path that crosses over from near Los Tucanes at La Ropa to the other side of the hill where you follow the coast to Manzanillo.

This is not a walk in a park, people. This is the semi-lawless and impoverished state of Guerrero, Mexico. There is no 911 or rescue service if anything should happen to you. Sometimes the bad guys use these paths, too (often to rob houses at La Ropa), and people have been robbed both on the trails and at Playa Manzanillo. Just so you're aware of the risks involved. You can do all the exploring once you get there but I recommend going by boat.

And PLEASE take a few large, heavy-duty garbage bags with you to pick up after some of the thoughtless people who leave their trash on this beach. I always bring back two or three large bags with me unless I'm walking, and even then I still always pick up whatever I can carry. Every little bit helps, and every one who helps can be proud of themselves for helping to maintain such a beautiful beach. ;~)

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