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Posted by Trish from ( on lunes, enero 26, 2004 at 12:55:20 :

Just got back from 2 weeks in Ixtapa/Zihua, we were there from Jan. 8th to 22nd.

Weather - was cloudy for all but two days of our stay, rained 1 full day and part of a second and the winds were so strong on the morning of Sunday Jan. 11th., the fishing charters were cancelled til noon. I loved every day of it, it was still warm/hot and balmy at night and we all came home with great suntans. No complaints from us!!

Some of the things we did - hubby and friend Al went fishing twice, first time with Captain Jose Vargas of LaBamba and the second with Captain Armando of Nautilus II. They caught and released several sail fish and a few bonita, they were kinda disappointed as they wanted to take some dorado back to the Hotel, but that never happened. That's the luck of the draw fishing. I stayed behind and shopped/read and walked the beautiful beach of El Palmer, basicall loved some personal space.

On their second trip fishing, they met taxi driver Jaime Anzo M., was his last day as a taxi driver, bought his own car and was starting private tours the next day. So we hired him to drive us to Troncones, it cost 600 pesos, he stayed with us all day, we had lunch together at El Burro Burracho, great food - there were 4 of us for lunch, had 2 shrimp & mushroom quesadillas (to die for), 2 shrimp cocktails, (excellent), ceviche (great), l chicken breast on a bun with fries etc. plus 5 cervezas, 1 pop and 1 bloody mary, absolutely fabulous food and the bill came to 490 pesos plus tip. They also have a few bungalows to rent, high season $60.00 USD and low season $40.00 USD which includes breakfast. Went to Manzanillo Bay, the Inn at Manzanillo Bay is beautiful, could stay there in a heart beat ... wonderful day, wonderful guide, had the best time. Took pics of surfers and an eel swimming in a pool of water between the black rocks and other hotels/restaurants.

Spent one whole day at Las Gatas, took a taxi to the pier, boat over to Las Gatas and spent the entire day at O'Tillia's under a large plapa, Franco was our waiter for the day, hubby went snorkelling and we enjoyed it very much. We had several cerveza which Franco placed in a huge pail filled with ice, we ordered finger stuff to munch on - 1 large plate of ceviche (so excellent, never had one as good anywhere), large guacamole, salsa and chips, bill for the day came to 400 pesos. I brought colouring books, crayons, coloured pencils, regular pencils, sharpeners and a few notebooks to Franco's 6 year old ... had a fun day.

Wandered into Zihua several times by bus, FYI, the Sanka Grill has moved from #36 on Jared's map to next to # 32, much bigger restaurant than before, just had cold drinks there, no food but the place is really nice. Rob's office was locked up tight, sorry wanted to stick my head in and say hola!!

Spent a day touring La Madera, never did meet up with the 11 Canadians, took pics of the Irma, Casa Sun and Moon and serveral other places, met some great Americans and people watched at M.J.& Ritchies. Found out about a restaurant called La Gula, on Calle Adelita #8, La Madera. Apparently the food is tres good and prices are way cheap. Going to try it in March as we are the Puntarenas which was also highly recommended to us. Wandered along La Ropa had lunch at Rossy's, 3 of us had fish tacos, shrimp cocktails and 3 cerveza, think the bill was around 350 pesos.

In March I will call Jaime and he is going to take us to La Barre de Potosi and I will bring supplies to Laura for the school and library which I didn't have time to do this trip.

Also, the old Ruben's is still there in Ixtapa back near Emilio's but they built another one across from the Barcel on Ixtapa Blvd. One end of the building is Rubens and the other is The Salsa Restaurant, same great hamburgers. Franks is still there, lot's of people in the sports bar, never got a chance to eat there this year but did drop in to say hola (good Canadian guy)!!

Didn't mean for this to be so long, just thought I would share a little of our trip with all of you who shared your experiences with me. Thanks everyone for your great input and Jared for the very informative maps.


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