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Posted by chuck from ( on lunes, febrero 02, 2004 at 18:00:49 :

I just came back from a week all-inclusive holiday at the Barcelo Beach Resort in Ixtapa. The hotel itself is nice enough. Most of the staff were very helpful. I did have a problem with my remote control for the TV in my room and after getting about 4 different people to try and program it, I gave up the dream. Not like I intended to watch much TV anyway. The breakfasts were generally good, the lunches average and you may want to do yourself a favor and eat dinner off the resort. The dinner food was bland and as can be expected at buffet style, it was the same a lot of the time. By the way, they do not advertise it and most people don't know, but you can ask for a menu at the restaurants and order from it. Included were two a-la-carte meals. The 'Sunset Restaurant' one was not very good at all, but the 'Don Quiyote' meal was absolutely amazing. There was a problem finding consistancy with drinks as some places served things that weren't available at others and they seemed to always be mixed differently, but hey, the price was right.

We did go to Zihua on a couple occasions to wander around and do some haggling, which can be fun to some and downright annoying to others. I was OK for a couple hours before becoming frazzled. We ate at a couple restaurants in Zihua and I wish I could remember their names because they were very good and inexpensive.

We also went to Petatlan for a half a day. I was a little disappointed with the gold selection that was available but perhaps my hopes were too high. What really turned me off was grabbing a couple pieces, turning them around, and finding a sticker stating that the piece was 'MADE IN CHINA'. Not what I wanted to see. I made up for it later by buying a nice guitar at "Pepe's" music store for a price that seemed absolutely unrealistic. The bus ride there was a good time. Lots of locals laughing at the gringos reactions to the agressive driving around the sharp corners.

All in all, it was an enjoyable trip, but I would have been better suited to a small hotel in Zihua as opposed to the large Ixtapa one. Next time, I guess.

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