Trip Report 1/17 - 1/31/04 - Part 2 - long

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Posted by Carolcat from (?) on miércoles, febrero 11, 2004 at 16:07:38 :

Day 2 - We started most days out the same...went to deli in Las Brisas and bought breakfast rolls (danish)....(much less expensive than ordering room service. Had a coffee maker in the room and we brought our own coffee, jam and alcohol. Most days we would just hang around the pool area. There are 4 pools total (one is a childrens pool). The pool area is beautiful and never, never crowded. They do not allow people to save chairs with towels, etc. It is located on the 10th floor of the hotel and overlooks the ocean. The wait staff there are excellent and they really take care of you. We usually order 1 drink from them per day and split an appetizer in the afternoon and tip them very well......because, we have a little cooler on wheels that we bring our drinks to the pool with us and that really helps to keep the cost down. The drink prices are kind of high. You can have shade or sun at any time of the day. An abundance of great spots to sit. One pool is an all-adult pool. The pools have big fountains and they are beautiful. Pure relaxation. We both did a lot of reading and took some little siestas. That evening we decided to go to Mama Norma's in Ixtapa. This is a great open-air restaurant that is very busy and a little too noisy if you are looking for a more quiet place, but the food is excellent at a great price. Deborah is very nice and makes it a point to talk to her customers at each table. We had House Snapper that was served in a hollandaise sause and it was - excellent! Great restaurant. We stopped at the mercado and got some water, coke and beer and headed back to watch our 24-series. We bring a laptop with a DVD so that we can watch the whole season of '24'.

Day 3 - day was spent same as above. We went down to the 'very private beach' to watch the sunset....beautiful. Later that evening we went into Ixtapa and walked around. A place called 'Kapado's' had 2 for 1 drinks from 6pm to 10pm. It is a GIANT palapa that you have to go up to the 2nd floor. It is a great place with fun people working there. There is entertainment that starts after 10pm.....I really can't rave about the entertainment, but it is worth a visit. Went to JJ Lobster & Shrimp for dinner and had fish fillet with lobster sauce & shrimp......very good.

Day 4 - Left hubby alone in the room after I had coffee and I walked into Ixtapa to do some shopping. Found some great items and then went to Mama Norma's for lunch.....not crowded at all. Had a grilled cheese and fries. The french fries were the best I ever tasted....yum.....the sandwich was good too. Bought another sandwich to bring back for my honey. Had a quiet night in the room with room service. Food not so good.

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