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Escrito por Karen desde ( el día martes, 17 de febrero, 2004 a las 20:11:50 horas :

My husband and I just returned from our first trip to Zihuatanejo on Thursday. I had been reading this board for a couple of months prior to that and must thank everyone for their useful information. We flew with Air Transat, straight from Toronto to Ixtapa. I was a little unsure about flying with a charter but couldn't resist the appeal of flying without any plane changes. As it turned out everything went very smoothly. The first surprise was the Ixtapa airport which was much newer and cleaner than I had expected. Customs was not a problem even though we hadn't filled out the form completely as required. Wish the airline had given us a little more direction in that regard. Everyone happy and friendly and very accommodating. Leaving customs I had it all figured out where to go to arrange for a taxi, fortunately and unexpectedly didn't have to do that as a driver was there with a board with our name on it. Nice touch by the Casa Que Canta, where we would be staying for the week. The hotel was fabulous, we have travelled extensively and thought the hotel, our room especially, was the best we had ever seen. The appeal to me was the decor which is very understated mexican and the locat1on which is stunning. It was very difficut to chose between the CQC and Villa Del Sol and I had researched the internet for every shred of info before making my choice. They are both beautiful properties, my husband and I actually spent the day at the Villa del Sol and toured some rooms. We love to dine out and experience the local establishments so we were turned off by the compulsory dining requirements of the Villa. Not to say their food wasn't any good, what we had was very good, we just prefer to have variety. The CQC rooms were also more private and the view from each and every room was stunning. We did miss the beach though and wish our hotel provided chairs and umbrellas for their guests to use. That said, the CQC was better located in terms of distance to town. We were pleasantly surprised with how close we were to the downtown area. A 15 minute walk along mostly beachfront and you are there.
Another pleasant surprise was the amount of good dining establishments that were available. My husband has a cholesterol problem and must make wise food choices which sometimes can be very difficult. We couldn't believe how well the locals prepared their foods, with little fat and still manage to capture the great flavour. There were many restaurants with good inexpensive food. For us we were mainly interested in not only good food but were after the "ambience" as well. I think my favourite place was La Cala restaurant. It is located in a picturesque cove. With the water rushing in and the torches lighting the restaurant it was truly magical. My husband I think enjoyed the views and food of La Villa de Selva. We of course ate at our hotel a couple of times, there is nothing quite like the view of the bay with all the twinkling lights. In terms of pricing we found these restaurants to be much cheaper than the fine dining establishments we frequent here in Canada and the U.S.A. We also had a lovely Italian dinner at the il Mare restaurant which was close to our hotel. You get a great view of the bay with good, fairly inexpensive food. The food everywhere was exceptional, the only thing lacking was a half decent selection of red wines. We had brought four bottles with us and were happy we had done that. I was not much of a beer fan before but my current addiction while there was Coronna beer. There is nothing quite as thirst quenching as a cold Coronna on a hot day. I agree with others that the heat definitely takes the edge off your hunger, I was thrilled to discover hardly any weight gain upon my return.
We had no "tourista" problems as I followed up on the information given on this board and was able to get the Dukoral vaccine (only available in Canada)that protects us for three years. Not to leave anything to chance I also took Acidophilus tablets daily and pepto bismo before meals. I wasn't about to lose any of my precious vacation time being under the weather! The only thing I had a problem with was heat rash. If anyone has ever treated this problem successfully I would love to hear about it.
All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing vacation. We were always treated with respect and greeted with a smile. We are already making plans for our return to this corner of paradise.

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