Trip Report - Villa Carolina and Local Medical Care

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Escrito por Richard and dRita desde ( el día miércoles, 18 de febrero, 2004 a las 16:28:49 horas :

We were in Zihua from 1/30 - 2/6 and stayed at the Villa Carolina. The room(s) were great and the staff was terrific! Three hours after we arrived my wife steped off a curb and fractured her ankle. She thought she had only sprained it but when she woke up Saturday she was pretty sure that it needed to be looked at. The manager of the Villa Carolina called a cab and sent us to the Hospital De Especialidates in Zihua. When we arrived there was no doctor on duty so the emergency room nurse called a doctor at home. He came in and took X-rays, put the cast on and then drove accross town to a medical supply store to buy crutches. The total bill was $375.00 (US) and we probably took two hours of his time. He was just great as were the rest of the staff!

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