Trip report. Day 1

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Escrito por Idaho Red desde ( el día jueves, 19 de febrero, 2004 a las 00:16:24 horas :

Finally got caught up on the pile of work on my desk and the thousand emails at the office which awaited my return. Travel to Zihua this year went smoothly, Alaska even got us into town a few minutes early on the 27th of January. Icing on the cake was a green light at customs.

Our good luck continued as there was cash available at the ATM just outside the customs exit. Next, the agent from Expo tours was waiting as promised by Travel Judy to provide us with a driver and Suburban to Hotel Irma, my wife's favorite home away from home. Additionally, Judy had done her usual fine job by securing our favorite room (202) for another stay with the great staff at the Irma.

After a quick job of unloading the baggage, physical and mental, I convinced my beautiful wife that a drink at the Catalina Sunset Bar would be a good start to our visit. The idea was good, timing was a little off however. It was only 5pm when we began our walk and I'm afraid we interrupted the bartender's late siesta, lo siento, we kept on moving. Very interesting walking past the new Condo project on our way to the Catalina, that sucker is huge. Whomever is behind the project is obviously well financed and represented, I am sure all the correct palms were greased before the first shovel of dirt was ever turned over. Nearly impossible to fight that large a development after the fact.

I see the posts on this message board lamenting the ongoing and proposed developments in and around Zihua, but I see very little actually being done to stop this type of activity. Crying in your beer will not get it done. The only effective response I have witnessed in North America is to buy the land first. Put your money where your liberal mouth is and protect what you love with your investment of dollars, not just whines. The Nature Concervancy is a very good model. They have bought thousands of acres in the Northwest US to protect it. Do the same for yourselves. Ok, enough of the soapbox. (yes Rob, this is for you)

After striking out at the Catalina, we hiked on down to the beach and snared a table at Paty's Mar y Mar. Service was prompt and courteous as usual, cerveza was cold and iced. Mi esposa enjoyed the Hauchinengo for supper while I ate lightly with tacquitos con pollo. With several rounds of Indios the tab came to $315N plus tip. Paty stopped by for conversation and even provided the after dinner Kahlua gratis. Nice lady, class act.

If in doubt,ask which beers are the dos por uno during happy hour. In years past this policy was pretty liberal, now it seems to be only the house brand on special, with all the others regular price; or maybe just the brand the uninformed drink.

Beautiful warm evening, not many clouds so the sunset was sedate. We did notice a lot of pollution or smoke in the air in comparison to years past, not sure of the origin. A quick cab ride back to the Irma, a dip in the pool and a cold cerveza or two was all the energy we had left for the evening. Ouch, forgot the Mexican fondness for concrete box springs, oh well, it's all good in Zihua. more to come.

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