Day 2, Wed. . .

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Escrito por Idaho Red desde ( el día jueves, 19 de febrero, 2004 a las 21:47:51 horas :

Since my bashful wife is the driving force behind all our activities, I will copy her notes verbatim for day 2. . .

Coffee makers are a good thing! Very glad we invested $15 on a small electric coffee maker to bring on vacation. It even made it here in our checked luggage. Must have looked like some kind of explosive device in the exrays, with the wiring and all. The suitcase was searched, but all was fine and they were evenable to close the bag again!! (It was packed quite full!)

After our coffee and showers, we headed into town and stopped at La Casa Cafe (on Calle Adelita along the canal) for breakfast. Good, inexpensive, small breakfast and great coffee. Walked into town along the waterfront walkway between Playa Madera and Playa Principal. Walked on down to the pier and watched a local fisherman casting his net and hauling in his catch. Walked around downtown a bit more to absorb the Zihua feeling before we caught a cab to Commercial Mexicana to stock up on supplies.

Tequila was about $17 for Hornitos and $15 for Centenario. The same size bottle of Hornitos at home is about $28, Good Deal! Also bought cervezas, string cheese, some pastries, limes, etc. Much cheaper to buy a sixpack of beer (about 30-34 pesos) than to buy singles from the hotel bar @ 23p each. Brought the groceries home by cab and filled and organized the cooler. . . And had to have a shot of tequila just to make sure all was right with the world. This is vacation after all!!!!
[[Red sez: we also bought the cooler at Commercial Mexicana, a nice Coleman unit for $235N, although later in the week we noticed the much less expensive styrofoam Corona models at several Tienda's around town. We passed this nice red (of course) cooler on to the neighbors at the Irma when we left; Hope it has improved the vacation experience for many more travelers since then. Let me know if you were the benificiary of this experimental program, first tried by Curly. Back to Kathy's notes]]

Walked back into town to Rick's Bar to register for SailFest. Since we don't have a boat yet, we registered our "Virtual Vessel" as (you guessed it) Idaho Red. While we were at Rick's we saw Gene & Louise Brown from S/V Mystic. We met Gene last year, and it was nice to see him again and to meet his charming wife Louise. After visiting for a while with the Browns we went over to Tamales Any and had some tamales (how original!). Had the pork and verde sauce this time and they were excellent. Took a cab back to the room, where Red napped and Kathy went poolside to read.

Walked back to town to Rick's Bar [Wed.1/28]for the SailFest kick off party and auction. Lots of people there, mostly cruisers. Had a great time seeing familiar faces, watching the folks outbid one another for a good cause, even had one or two cervezas. Came home by cab about 10:30 for another shot of tequila & bed.

[[Did not realize until typing this entry that this woman had made me walk into town three times in one day. Good thing we usually take a cab back to Hotel Irma]]

P.S. While at Rick's we met up with Jeff, who plays Blues harmonica (some really good stuff) and who's "spousal unit" had asked us to keep an eye on him!! So S.U. -- he was a good boy (as far as we could tell!)

All for now, more later.

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