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Escrito por Idaho Red desde ( el día sábado, 21 de febrero, 2004 a las 10:41:03 horas :

Thursday the 29th we woke and had coffee and pastries from Commercial Mexicana, Very Good! Walked into town to do our shopping at the central mercado, the wife and I both still marvel at the great taste and appearance of the fruits and vegetables that are tree ripened instead of chemically finished off as is the case with most produce available in the frozen north of Idaho. Additionally, the price always makes my cutie giggle. She loves to stock up on aguacates and bananas for pennies on the dollar. Cheap, harmless thrills! I really enjoy the interaction with the local vendors, practicing my spanglish, meeting real Mexicans, marveling at the varied offerings. Walked around the market area of town, amazing diversity.

Returned back to the Hotel Irma to prepare lunch from our mornings bounty, cervezas and swimming, playing in the pool, worked on eliminating the albino look, that was the afternoon. Walked back into town for our evening stroll, as usual along the beach, across the canal, down to the ball court before heading into centro. I love looking at the weavings in progress at La Zapoteca shop just beyond the square. Also noticed a new restaurant being assembled in the walkway there leading towards Cinco de Mayo; it may be ready and open for business by the time we're back next year!

Went by Las Braseros for dinner, learned our lesson in the past and only ordered one serving to be split between us. The fresh tacos, extra tortillas, and two rounds of cervezas came to less than $9US. Left the missus with more pesos for the Tshirt and coffee shopping which consumed the balance of our evening as we wondered about and enjoyed the fine evening and people of Zihua.

While heading in the general direction of home, we got waylaid by a couple of crazy cannucks! Al & his bride (sorry, did not catch the name) pulled us off the street across from Barracruda's Ice Cream shop on Ascencio to help them drink some beers and finish a huge plate of nacho's. We had met Al the evening before and he was comforted by a familiar face. The previous nite Al had been in rare form as he bid his heart out at Rick's bar during the auction for SailFest, designed to benefit the Netzahualcoytl School, he was the high bidder on a couple of fishing trips, sky diving adventure, and also scored a nice watercolor painting by a local artist. Al was fun to watch, but even more fun was raising funds for the school; The last I had heard, with the matching funds provided by the Bellack Educational Foundation, the total raised was around $30,000 US ! ! !

After a beer or two with the fun canadians, we made it back to our room at the Irma for a Tequila nite cap, and Kathy claims she even saw a "Tortuga shuffle". . . will that girl ever quit telling those type of stories?

Friday brought rain, lots of rain! Kathy was feeling down a little because of the weather, so to cheer her up I coined a new phrase . . . "It's all Good" . . . now used anytime plans go awry, or an unpleasant individual tries to spoil an otherwise great vacation! . . . "It's all Good" . . . as in: an afternoon of rain in paradise is still better than the F---ing snow, any day!!!

The afternoon brought a respite from the weather, our sailing friends still got to run their pursuit race, with Gene Brown going for the gold until he put S/V Mystic on her side, oh well, better luck next time. No real harm done, just a mess to clean up inside and a few bruises for sweetheart Louise.

Finished our day off by looking up my amigo "Monkey". Monkey, more properly named Teofilo Hernandez Salinas, his beautiful wife Rafaela and his son Brian(Little Monkey) are a wonderful, hard working family trying to etch out a living here in Zihua. Last year Monkey was working over on Las Gatas, this year he has been promoted to overseeing his employers restaurant on Playa Principal. PLEASE, help this devoted family by helping yourself to excellent food and great service at restaurant "El Costeno". Heading East on the beach walkway from the ball courts, go past Daniels towards the Museum, Monkey is at the third or fourth beach restaurant beyond Daniels. Ask the sidewalk hawkers for tu amigo Monkey. His cerveza is quick and cold, the Aguacate rellanos con camarones are to die for. This young man and his family deserve our support if anyone does. . . thanks. . .more later.

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