Our Trip Report - Perhaps a little different! Jon & Pats' cool adventure.

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I will try to put this report in our perspective according to how my wife and I percieved the trip. This was our 3rd trip to Z and certainly not the last.

Day:1, Phoenix to Z - 12 hours, too long, non-stop next year. Taxi to Villa Carolina $20 USD (only $12.50 USD to go back!) Arrived there at 8:30 PM-- Greeted by Miguel who was efficient, courteous and charming. Took us to our Master Suite........Magnificent- Wow -Outstanding and it only got better throughout the week.

Down to Patsy's for dinner....so so but the beach side table was great.

Day 2: Thurs. (The What are the Odds day?) I walked La Ropa 3 laps by 8:30 (every day, recovering heart by-pass guy) then back to Carolina to fetch wife for breakfast. Elvira's today, great tip from this board, try the French Toast!!!!! Only thing wrong with breakfast was the 2 screaming naked kids who were basically being ignored by thier mothers while they frolicked in some sort of improvised polluted kiddied pool by our table, (how did I not see it when we sat down?) Why do people subject other people to this kind of crap? Rest of day in Z Centro for shopping and re-acquainting with some shopkeepers and friends.

Dinner at "Tamales Any" Posole Verde and a few Squash Blossom Tamales and ice cold Horchata -Greaaaaaaaaaaaaat!. "What are the Odds? "same women with the same kids at the next table as at breakfast...............same screaming and crying kids again----------this is a vacation? By the way Thursday night is Fiesta night at Tamales Any but you really need to make a reservation for the festivities. We got there too early and were basically politely asked to leave because they needed to turn the table......for a reservation, when we left every table was empty but had a "Reservado" sign on it. Who knew? Now we all do! Festivities must start after 7PM

Pleasant stroll over to Bandido's for some people watching and a few after dinner cocktails.

Day:3 Laps on the beach, hate to say this but some people should severely think out thier choices of bathing suits, especially the ones 50+ pounds overweight and over the age of 70 and wearing Bikini's no less......it really isn't anything I want to see. I am 11 years away from 70 but if I start to look like that, I'll take a long walk off a short pier. Or wear a tuxedo when I walk the beach.

Otilas' today at Los Gatos ( watch the gal selling the boat tickets, very creative with your change) Asked for Franco per this board, great guy, Indios's cold, sea food sampler terrific, service great. Chatted with some folks from CA and B.C. nice day (P.S. went to watch Franco play baseball on Sunday afternoon at the field in town by the soccer fields)

Dinner tonight at La Perla, Francisco was there and personally greeted us, he set up our usual table down by the beach. The Stuffed Red Snaper was terrfic as always, drinks potent and well mixed. Meet a wonderful couple from PA at the next table we shared drinks and chatted. Scored some wonderful "Habanas" from Francisco asked everyone at each table near us if it would be OK to light up, they all graciously said yes and the after dinner Cuban was great.

Francisco invited us to see his new resort the next day. We chatted about all the "Knocks" his place has been getting on this board, he obviously cares but isn't seeing it the way people are reporting it here. Frankly nor did my wife and I, things were smooth running the place was full and everyone seemed happy. Remember these are Mexican minutes not NY minutes and we should all be trying to chill out. A tip, 5 years ago at the age of 54 I decided that if I was going to frequent a country, then I was going to do my damndest to learn thier language. It makes a big difference on how the local people treat and recieve you! Anyway, maybe one too many tonight, the footsteps in the sand were a little crooked but what the hell! IT'S A VACATION! More to come tomorrow!
PS: I apologise for the spelling I have 2 graduate degrees and still can't spell! LOL

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