Jon & Pats' Cool Adventure Continued

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Escrito por JT IN AZ desde ( el día domingo, 22 de febrero, 2004 a las 11:52:27 horas :

Day 4: (Valentines Day) Slept in today and then did my 3 laps of La Ropa......Cup o' fresh coffee and some fresh fruit back at Villa Carolina. Miguel toured us thru the Villa.......the Garden Suites are just as beautiful as the Masters but a little less private (not by much.) The pool is beautiful with it's negative edge & umbrella covered sitting area.

Off to Z a little sight gawking and a lunch at La Brasero's for Fish Tacos and Tacos Pastor. Guess what? No Tacos Pastor for lunch only dinner. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Any way the Fish Tacos are great and so is the Horchata. Back to Carolina for a siesta.

Dinner tonight at La Casa Que Canta 6:45 for the sunset. This place is absolutely "World Class" The service is impeccable, the menu is complete yet not over done, wine list is varied and the choices well thought out. The rack of lamb was exceptional as was the tuna sashimi appetizer. The ambiance, the music, fantastic and the diamond bracelet trinket for Pat that was served with desert by the staff ( a little subtrefuge) made Jon a really happy guy not to say how happy Pat was. ( Somebody got lucky later that evening LOL)

Back to the Carolina for some great Port wine and ...................use your imagination. (Smiling as I type)

Day 5: Up early, picked up at the Villa by Ed Kunze for a day of fishing. (Good guy!) Out with Margarito on the Gaby. Good captain, tough day fishing but it was the same for everyone. Finsihed reading Reagans "Dear Americans" on the boat, a good read.

Back to the dock early and then a quick cab ride over to the baseball diamond to watch Franco play ball. I am from a baseball family and played the game and coached for a long time. The feverent way the men embrace the game down here is inspiring. The field was magnificent for such a small little town. The ardor with which they played was fun to behold. A nice side bar to the day.

OK, dinner tonight at Villa de la Selva, absolutely a great sunset (table 62 reserved 2 months ago) every one applauded as ole' sol disappeared below the horizon. This ain't Casa que Canta...........Ambiance is a 10 the rest is not better or worse than McDonalds. Service slow, poor, items ordered forgotten and the larger the group at a table the less the service at a table with only two. Food quality was about a 3. As I saiid the ambiance and view may be the best in Z but that's all folks!.

Back to the Villa a moonlight swim, a good cigar and then off to bed for a blissful sleep. Last day coming up later. Hasta Luego

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