17 days in Paradise

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Escrito por clint desde (adsl-68-120-233-123.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) el día jueves, 26 de febrero, 2004 a las 11:54:12 horas :

We just returned from our 22nd annual visit to Zihuatanejo, specifically La Ropa Beach. We always stay at the Catalina, in fact, in the same room!

The town and bay were as beautiful as ever. Until last Sunday, we were able to snorkel every day but the new moon tide made it a bit too rough and I have the scars to prove it.

The local food was generally excellent. On La Ropa, Elvira's and Crocodilo were always reliable.

In town, the best restaurant by far was Mediteraneo, wonderful food, excdellent service and fair prices. Julian really knows how to run a restaurant and how to treat his customers, unlike the place mentioned below. We also enjoyed tho two old reliables Garrobos and Casa Elvira.

We had a very bad experience at Porto de Mare. We waited an hour and 45 minutes to get our food and felt ignored by the staff. The owner and his wife were louging in the back and didn't seem to give a damn. They made no effort to help us. Thsi place is definitely on our avoid at all costs list.

We didn't eat at Chuletos but got mixed reports. But since I didn't like Paul's (or Paul for that matter) we didn't hit that spot.

Lower on the price range but always great food and lots of local action were Braceros, Tamales y Atoles "Any," El Mango and the string of little places we call "Pozole In The Alley."

I stuck my head into Lupita's beautiful shop and sent my regards to Rob.

The only worrying prospect is the development going on on La Ropa, starting with the huge time share complex next to Sotavento and going on to the incredibly expensive b&b's, condos and houses that are springing up.

My long term concern is that they will screw up Z like they have Acapulco and P.V.

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