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Escrito por Monica desde (?) el día lunes, 01 de marzo, 2004 a las 17:20:59 horas :

I have been lurking on this website for months while preparing for my trip. Now, it's my turn:)

My husband and I stayed at Villa Mexicana from Feb 21-28, 2004. We reserved our room through Pacific Escapes, it was a "standard plus" room category and we received a beautiful ocean front room (#1312). We enjoyed the hotel very much, clean, lots of hot water, A/C always worked, good maid service. Our only complaint was the hard beds, I actually got a bruise on my knee from the mattress.

We did a small-game fishing excurion, but we got seasick and had to turn back early. It was disappointing not to receive a partial refund, but it wasn't their fault. The worst part was after we staggered onto the pier, the captain took off before we could get the fish we had caught. But that event was certainly not enough to put a damper on our trip, I just consider it a "learning experience".

Favorite restaurants: great coffee and breakfast at La Casa Cafe; wonderful cheeseburgers, guacamole, and tortilla soup at Dona Prudencia the restaurant at our hotel; Tamales y Atole Any located in Zihua had great pozole; Sanka Grill (near Any's) had a wonderful patio and very friendly staff.

The town/beach as a whole had such a wonderful welcoming feel. Everyone spoke english, (until we requested a partial refund for our boating trip, hahahaha), and everyone was very polite. La Ropa was extremely clean, I never saw any trash at all. Also, the venders weren't pushy at all.

Overall, a wonderful trip. Feel free to email me if you need anymore information.

Thanks to all for the wonderful advice. We printed up reams of recommendations, took them with us, and referred to them often during the trip.

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