5 Days in PV

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Escrito por stew desde (0-1pool62-27.nas41.oakland1.ca.us.da.qwest.net) el día miércoles, 03 de marzo, 2004 a las 17:12:12 horas :

Flew to PV on a left over America West ticket Oakland via Phoenix. total travel time including layover 5 hours & 47 mins. Flight fine, but no meal. I took Togos # 9 along. Stayed at Los Cuartro Vientos. a quite sanctuary high in the PV hills. PV is a bustling tourist town that some how retains a bit of charm. AA for those interested is above the movies at 9:00 AM & again at 6:00 everyday 365 a year. Also Alonon, NA & others meet there. Still bargin cafes if you are willing to get out of the tourist areas. Also Chez Elaena at Los Cuartro is still excellent if a bit pricy. Best cafe in town at reasonable prices is The Red Cabbage owned & operated by Lola Bravo 25 plus year resident of PV. Recentle written up in Bon Appetite (SP) Magazine, but also listed & prasided in budget travel books. PV has over built resulting in bargin suites, casas & apartments through out the city. Long term rentals going for $600 a month or less with kitchen, bedroom, living area, AC & cable. Los Cuatro has none of these things, but it has view, peace, view, peace, view, err also the coldest pool in all of Mexico. It was John Ford's fav hotel & cafe in PV. Anyways if you are interested contact Gloria Whiting at fourwinds@pvnet.com.mx. Stew

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