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Escrito por stew desde ( el día jueves, 04 de marzo, 2004 a las 20:37:13 horas :

New bus terrminal in PV is North of town near the aeroport so with luggage a taxi is a must. 30 Pesos. Estrella Blanca leaves at 1:00 for Zihua (arrives 1:00 A.M.). I went only as far as Meleque this day. As the new bus station is north of town it takes about an hour for the trip through town. You can not get on at the old blanca station on Insurgentes, but you can still purchase tickets there. Anyways with including the trip through PV it's about a pleasent 4 hour trip to Meleque. Lovely beaches & towns. Next time I drive so I can stop. Got to Mel about 5. Had a reservation at Hotel Emanuel. I took a "suite" for 160 pesos ( same as a standard double except they crowd in a fridge, sink, stove & eating bar). Room & bath seemed clean, but no desk lamp only bare overhead light, but cable TV. Went out to explore town. Lovely beach protected by a string of islands. Had dinner at one of the beach resturants. About a 6. Chicken (abit dry) w/potatoes, beans & bread. Including aqua mineral & tip 85 pesos. Back to my Suite as it has begun to rain. Opened bath room door to face a huge cockroach. I grabed my sword & shield advancing to have combat ERR, OK I smashed it with a metal ashtray, but a sword would have made me feel alot safer.Got up once during the night ( I am over 60 you know) and had to do battle again with the first guys mate. About 12 midnight the 5 drunk gringos acroos the hall came in. About 1:00 A.M. the fight started. Screaming, crussing, sounds of things breaking & blows being struck. Management showed up about 15 mins. later. Don't you just love drunks? So I'm up at 6:00 A.M. as the rain is almost over. Open the bathroom door & no cockroaches! Toun shower on 15 min. later no hot water. Think maybe handles reversed. Try the other. No luck! No way! No hot water. Wash the best I can including a cold hair wash. Tell the desk I will be checking out later. Go to "Roosters", lovely little breakfast only cafe run by Gary from Canada & his lovely wife. Great food, cheap. great service. A real plus for us ex drunks, AA at Roosters every Wendsday & Saturday nights. Nice People! A 10! After breakfast I check out hotel Las Arcos. Seems very decent w/pool, beach chairs & fridge in room for 220 pesos. Weather is still iffy so I go to a bus station ( all seperate here but very close together). Checked times. Bus to Manzanillo every hour or so. Walked the town. It's charming with a nice town square & lovely people. Also a RV park loaded with gringos from US & Canada. I will be back for a longer stay. Clouds again forming. Looks like more rain. I buy a ticket for Manz. Met a lovely American lady who has lived in Melque since 1981. She's 82 & was traveling to Colima with her middle aged daughter visiting from Seattle. Bus stops in Barra, then off to Manz. More later about it & the fab "Pink Posada" Stew

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